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Mackintosh, MacIntosh nairn, Ardesier,Inverness

Hello Poster ,have you Williams death record and if so are his parents on it. Is this who you know he came from nairn,ardersier,inverness
Peter Macintosh Death
1953 Tatamagouche, Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada
Gender: Male
Age: 98
Registration Date: 1953Volume: 1953
Is this Peters death ,don't think he married
Just wanted to thank everyone for the help. Unfortunately I havent made much progress despite paying more than I wanted to only to be able to rule out those findings shortly after. William MacIntosh born Nairshire circa 1818-1820. Died in Nova Scotia Canada march 15 1907
was believed to have arrived with the 42nd reg of foot in Nova scotia where he remained. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to find any records at kew or through the museum to support this. There is an attestation for a william of the same age from inverness for the 71st Aug 20th 0f 1838. Does anyone know how to dig deeeper into that? All of our previous leads seem to turn up in Scotland post 1850 when our William had firmly stayed in Canada. No parent names given but william.s first two sons were Kenneth and John. Thanks