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Mapperley, Ilkeston - Derbyshire

Dear Mod (Can I call you that?) >:D
Mapperley village near Ilkeston, Derbyshire is a very small village with a present population of approximately 400 people. It is situated near where coal and ironstone used to be mined and so is, I imagine, an old mining village. It has a pub, the Black Horse, which used to be run at the turn of the century by a Mr Beer. Not only did he sell beer, but he generated his own 5-candle power electricity before even Ilkeston had electricity. Just don't ask me how!!
The Church of the Holy Trinity stands on top of the hill to the right as you enter the village. The church had to be rebuilt as it was affected by subsidence due to the local mines. The original church was built in 1851, it was closed for rebuilding in 1964 and re-opened in 1966. Opposite the church stand the village stocks, which to me suggest that the village dates back from the medieval times. This was all the info I could find but if anything else comes up I'll let you know.