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Margaret Ann Ward 1873 Oldham Manchester

I've tried all ways searching for this lady in 1891 and found nothing. She is in Barnsley in 1881 Father William Ward Lancaster 1846 and mother Margaret born 1853 Kirkby Lonsdale Yorkshire. She marries in Mar 1893 in Sheffield to a widower Thomas Henry Bullivant. If you can find her I would be greatful.
I've tried all ways searching for this lady in 1891 and found nothing. She is in Barnsley in 1881 Father William Ward Lancaster 1846 and mother Margaret born 1853 Kirkby Lonsdale Yorkshire. She marries in Mar 1893 in Sheffield to a widower Thomas Henry Bullivant. If you can find her I would be greatful.

Hi DW,

I'm now going to ask a stooopid question.

If you have her parents and hubby, why do you need the 1891 request. Is it siblings.??

I know it's a gap in the census, but I'm curious.

I'm interested in finding out what she was doing before she married. I haven't got her marriage certificate but am pretty sure she is the one. If she turned up in Sheffield in the same street as relatives that would confirm I am on right track before I apply for marriage certificate.
duckweed... how did you go on with your search for more info about Margaret Ann Ward?

I think my husband's father's mother was this lady - she died in 1915.

Please advise.

Hello DW,

I have found a tree that is at least partially correct. It may or may not be 100% correct because there are bits I have not been able to check.

First marriage listed at Darnall, Sheffield and Margaret Ann WARD listed as spouse for 2nd.

Marriages Dec 1888
BULLIVANT Thomas Henry Sheffield 9c 576
LOVERSUCH Annie Sheffield 9c 576

Birth for Margaret Ann given as 1873 Sheffield - father = Paterick and mother = ?

No death given for either Thomas Henry or Margaret Ann.


I haven't got a lot further than initially except that I think I have death dates for both Thomas Henry Bullivant and Margaret. Margaret seems to have died in 1915 but Thomas Henry lived to a ripe old age of 96 and died in 1965 though I must admit I haven't applied for death certificates to prove this.

I had penciled in as father for Margaret as being William so Patrick is a surprise but explains why Thomas and Margaret had a son called Patrick in 1904. I shall have to follow that up.
BULLIVANT, Margaret Ann (wife of Thos Henry, age 39).
Died at 25 Stovin Rd; Buried on July 15, 1915 in Roman Catholic ground;
Grave Number 3783, Section GG of City Road Cemetery, Sheffield

Unusual in our family in that she was a Catholic. Could her father be of Irish descent?
Hi DW,

I'm trying to get a correct birth date and year for Margaret's son Willie Bullivant, and exactly where he was born. Was it 25 Stovin Road, or somewhere else?

He said his mother died when he was 8 years old, so Willie must have been born in 1906/1907. He also said his mother gave birth to him in County Corke, because she wanted him to be Irish. He always cracked on he was born on St Patrick's day.

KR Luda
Is this him
BULLIVANT, T H 1869 Wheel Maker Sheffield
BULLIVANT, Maggie 1875 Manchester
BULLIVANT, Henry 1894 Moulders Apprentice Sheffield
BULLIVANT, Herbert 1896 Moulders Apprentice Sheffield
BULLIVANT, May 1898 Sheffield
BULLIVANT, Ada 1899 Sheffield
BULLIVANT, Patrick 1904 Sheffield
BULLIVANT, Willie 1906 Sheffield

RG number: RG14
Piece: 28007
Reference: RG14PN28007 RG78PN1600 RD510 SD7 ED19 SN172
Registration District: Sheffield
Sub District: Attercliffe
Enumeration District: 19
Parish: Sheffield
Address: 25 Stovin Road Sheffield
County: Yorkshire (West riding)

Births Jun 1906

Bullivant Willie Sheffield 9c 665
Thanks DW and DL,

I have another query gents... my husband, Paul Richard Bullivant (now deed-polled to Richard Harrison) remembers his father William getting a frequent family visitor who is believed to have been William's sister (or possibly half sister) Margaret Bullivant.

In Willie's family there isn't a sister Margaret listed, but there is another listing of Margaret Bullivant born some time in 1890, and living in he same area. Could this have been her?

Also I have a marriage certificate for Willaim Bullivant and Gertrude Elizabeth Allison in Sheffield Nov 1926, and this shows William as been aged 25, which puts him being born in 1901, not 1906. Maybe he was telling porkies about his age?

Any advice?

KR Luda
The only Margaret I can find is Williams niece. She was his brother Herbert's daughter. She was born in 1936 in Sheffield. They may be another Margaret that I haven't picked up on. Logically they would call a daughter after the mother.

As for difference of age. Presumably he married without parental consent? It's not the first instance I have seen of a groom or bride lying about their age to avoid getting parental consent. They don't seem to have been that fussy about such things then.
Hi DW,


I can't help thinking that I've got the wrong Thomas Henry Bullivant as William's father.

When I search BDM for births I get

Bullivant Thomas Henry Kirksatll 9b 260 - March 1868
Bullivant Thomas Henry Eccesall B. 9c 239 - Dec 1868
Bullivant Thomas Henry Glanford B. 7a 659 - Dec 1871
Bullivant Thomas Henry W.Derby 8b 642 - Dec 1885

William's 1926 marriage cert. definitely gives his father as Thomas Henry Bullivant a moulder by trade. It shows William as being a soldier resident in Tinsley, Yorkshire, and him being married at 'The Parish Church' Whittington in Derbyshire.

How can I best check to make sure I've got the correct father for William?

KR Luda
I am confused by your query.

All I know is in my family there is Thomas Henry Bullivant. He was born in December quarter of 1868. His father's name was Henry. Henry had a variety of jobs in the steel works from steel melter to weigh clerk. Henry and his wife had 8 children but only one son.

Thomas went on to be a moulder. Many of the Bullivants did this job. He married Annie Loversuch and they had a daughter called Alice then Annie gave birth to a son Thomas Henry and died shortly after. Their son lived a few weeks then died too. Thomas moved back in with his father and can be seen there in 1891 with Alice. In 1893 he married Margaret Ann Ward. I haven't the full certificate but its the only combination of those names I can find.

Their first child Henry (named after his grandfather) was born Sept 1893.
Herbert was born 1895
May 1897
Ada 1899
Patrick 1904
Willie June 1906

All were born in Attercliffe though not all the same address.

There were other Williams born around that time. William son of Douglas Bullivant born Dec 1905 died at the age of 6 months. And 1 born in 1908 but I don't know if he was related or any details about him.

What reason have you for thinking you are mistaken?

So have you a Thomas Henry's marriage certificate? What does it say? Does it have a father Henry listed? Have you Willie's birth certificate?
I've looked at your query again.

Tinsley is where meadowhall shopping centre is. It is close to Attercliffe and it is all Sheffield. Whittington Derbyshire is near Chesterfield and not that far from Sheffield. Presumably Willie's wife had family there or if he was underage it was somewhere who didn't ask questions.

There is as far as I know only 1 Thomas Henry Bullivant who fits the bill as there aren't exactly hundreds of Bullivants around. There were 4 Thomas Henrys born in my family. 2 died in childhood. 1 was born in New Wortley Leeds the same year as Thomas Henry in Sheffield. (Ecclesall Bierlow) The Leeds one was son of Henry's great Uncle Richard. I haven't traced the whole background of the Leeds one.

I have looked up Thomas Henry's death and think I may have got wrong date for him. as I had 1965. It is I think 1949.

BULLIVANT, Thomas (Labourer, age 81).
Died at Fir Vale Infirmary; Buried on March 30, 1949 in General ground;
Grave Number 116, Section KK of Burngreave Cemetery, Sheffield.
Hi DW,

Thanks for clarifying things for me, that's much appreciated.

I've just sent off to Roscommon Ireland for a full BC, to see if Willie was born in Corke sometime between 1900 and 1906, and if so, what his exact date of birth was.

I've also written to Glasgow at the Army Personnel Centre, Historical Disclosures, to see if I can locate William's Army record. I have made a similar inquiry at the Catterick Garrison Library and Information Centre, since I believe William was stationed there in 1926.

I'll just have to see what I get back.

KR Luda

P.S. I don't have any of T H Bullivant's marriage certificates.
I would offer to look up Parish records but at this time of the year I am not very often out as I am not good in the cold, plus the archive days have been halved due to spending cuts but if the weather improves and it coincides with an archive day I will have a look.
DW You are a kind person. Your generosity and thoughtfulness are much appreciated. KR Luda PS I'll keep you updated on my progress.

If any other members can be of guidance.. please do give me your input.
They are my family too, or should I say my husbands. The photo I use is said to be John Bullivant and his wife Martha Brown. He was Thomas Henry's great grandfather and was born in Lincoln in 1786 and died in Leeds in 1870. The photo was to mark their 60th wedding anniversary.

I found out what happened to the other Thomas Henry born in Kirkstall Leeds the same year. He died when he was 8 years old.
Thankyou DW

I wonder if you could advise me further? I'm very new to genealogy researching, and wonder what are the best websites to use. Some seem better than others, and no doubt some are not as accurate as they could be. Plus, most seem to want payment, sooner or later. How good are the free one?

KR Luda

PS The main thrust of my enquirers is to help my husband work out what happened in his father's life, and what influenced his view on life. What was it in his personality and experience that ultimately led to him dying alone, ill, without any friends, and to him taking an overdose (on his birthday of all days). A sad end to what appears to have been an unhappy and troubled life.