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Margaret Ann Ward 1873 Oldham Manchester

When I started off I only used free sites and really I got a lot of information that way which was perfectly good. Our local libraries give you free access to Ancestry. Maybe your Library has a similar scheme. Don't pay out money at the beginning unless its for a birth marriage or death certificate as till you have more experience you could waste a lot of money

There are a lot of good Sheffield sites online that are free. This is my favourite

At some time you may need to buy birth certificates or death certificates. Buy direct from the local registration office is my advice. You can look up free BMD to find reference number. http://www.freebmd.org.uk/

Irish connections are notoriously difficult as many records were destroyed.

Lancashire searching depends on whether the right church has included their parish records.
http://www.lan-opc.org.uk/parish.html This is an extremely good free site.

There is the mormons site
but that isn't always accurate as it has some people who contribute putting in faulty research.

If in doubt refer back to us here. There is a wealth of experience here and many have access to paid sites and can look things up for you.

I don't know if you can access army records online for Willie. Ask some of the others. Army records can tell you a lot.

This is where Willie Bullivant was married and I have a first child born there, so they must have lived there for a while or she was living with her parents when the child was born.

June 1927 Bullivant John P A Allison Chesterfield 7b 1174

Sep 1928 Bullivant Gladys I Allison Sheffield 9c 748
Sep 1930 Bullivant William D Allison Rotherham 9c 962

Do these ring any bells?
Richard said that in 1997/8 he and his two sisters travelled to somewhere near Chesterfield and met up with Patrick Bullivant (Patrick Harwood) and Gladys Bullivant (Irene Shirfield), plus the widow of the late William D Bullivant (Derek Harwood). Patrick has since died. Whether Irene is still 'in lfe' is difficult to say - if so, she will be in her 80's.

The Harwoods were only really interested in finding out if they had missed out in not having a father - when Gertrude died in childbirth the family collapsed and the three children went to live with Gertrude's mother. Willaim said that at this point, even the cat left home. It is not possible to say what William did then, except that 10 years or so later he had drifted away from his family and was living in Blackpool, where he met Richard's mother, Edna Woodhead.

Anyhow, Richard did not get much of a chance to find out more about the Harwoods, or about his father. There has been no contact from either side since. The Harwood are believed to be living in the Leicester area.
Then obviously I have the right people from the BMD. As Margaret Ann Ward was a catholic and was buried a catholic might the children have been baptized into the faith?

I don't know about in England but I remember in Scotland there was a sort of deal if the woman married outside the faith that she promised to bring the children up as catholic.

I'm just wondering so I know which are the more likely Parish records. Seems like there is this strong Chesterfield Area link too.

When did Gertrude Die? I haven't found her death date yet?
I believe that William was a catholic and that when he married Gertrude the priest put a curse on him for marrying outside of the faith. Perhaps this curse affected him fundamentally for the rest of his life? Anyhow, his wife died giving birth to her 4th child in 1936, in Sheffield ref: 9c 572.

I'm still working on getting an exact DOB for William - was it in 1900, 1901, or 1906. As said previously,hHe is believed to have been born on St Patrick's day.
What I have learned from other research into my family is that some legends turn out not to be true.

Best way to be sure is see if I can find baptismal records and then you can get a birth certificate which not only will give you date but where they were living at the time and fathers occupation at that time.

My thought is that these baptisms will be in a Catholic Church, possibly the Catholic cathedral.

I think losing a wife in Childbirth is more likely to be a traumatic incident than a Priest's curse. Romantic though the other sounds.

If Willie was born in 1906 that makes him only 9 when his mother died. His father had lost 2 wives so a pretty sad and disrupted household.

One wonders what she died of. If she died suddenly there may have been a coroners inquest.

Death was pretty common around that date from a wide variety of causes. I can't imagine Thomas Henry ever made a lot of money and he had a lot of children to look after so normal thing was to farm out to more prosperous relatives if there were any.
Hi DW,

Yes, if you could get the baptismal records for William that would be a geat help, and would be much appreciated. In due course, a birth certificate might arrive back from Ireland, but I'm doubtful. Your endeavours, more directly in Sheffield, are probably the best way forward.

KR Luda
Hi... just an update regarding the exact dob of Willie Bullivant. Sent off to Ireland again and asked them to check for a birth for Willie or William Bullivant, with mother Margaret or Maggie Ann Ward - nothing found.

Have sent off to Sheffield for B/C for Willie, plus a death cert for Maggie Bullivant, as well as a M/C for Maggie and Thomas Henry. When I get the results back I hope to make copies available to whoever might make use of them.

KR Luda
Yes that will be interesting. I'd like to find out too the Derbyshire connection for Willie and his wife. I would probably have to go to Matlock for that so not something I am likely to do soon.

I suppose the other thing would be to find army records.

How much information have you got already about Maggie Ward re family stories etc.? Obviously there is a strong Irish connection but what do you know of the Irish side? re occupation in Ireland, farming? linen industry?
Got info back from Sheffield:


Margaret Ann Ward (20 spinster no rank or profession) married TH Bullivant (24 Widower moulder) 14th Jan 1893 at Emmanuel Church in Parish Emmanuel, Sheffield.

Residence at time of marriage Maggie - 63 Woodburn Road, TH - 31 Baldwin Street. Henry Bullivant steel worker, Paterick Ward glass blower.


Willie Bullivant b. 17th Mar 1906 42 Amberley Road UD
Father Thomas Henry B (Colliery Wheel Maker), Mother Maggie B, formerly Ward, residence at registration 42 Amberley Road Sheffield.


Margaret Ann Bullivant died 11th July 1915 at 25 Stovin Road Sheffield UD aged 39, wife of Thomas Henry Bullivant Steelworks labourer. Cause of death - Carcinoma of stomach 6 months. TH present at the death. Death registered 12th July 1915.


How would I check to see if William Bullivant married again in Chesterfield June 1940 to Kathleen Crane? 7b 2726 - this might explain why later on he did not marry Edna Alice Woodhead, but lived out of wedlock.

KR Luda
I believe I can identify the Margaret Bullivant that you mention as being William's sister. I am doing some reseach for a friend, her grandmother was Maggie Bullivant, born Sept 24 1914, 25 Stovin Rd d.o. Thomas Henry and Margaret Ann Bullivant formerly Ward (I have the birth certificate). Clearly she is the sister of your William. Willie is 5 in 1911 so about 8 years younger than Maggie. Their mother died in July 1915 and I would love to know exactly what happened to baby Maggie. Could you give me any more details about her visits to William, did he live in Sheffield, was she a child or adult, did he mention anything else about her ? ?
I have Maggie in Salford in the 1940's and I think she may have been there well before that :- her father's first daughter (by his first marriage to Annie Loversuch) was Alice Bullivant. She was in service in Manchester in 1911 and married in Salford in 1916 to Harold Ambrose Percival. They had two children, Harold 1918 and Roy 1925 and I wondered whether Alice had taken her half sister Maggie into the family. I have been in touch with a Percival descendant and he said Roy was very fond of Maggie but he didn't know anything pre 1940. Was Maggie perhaps going to Sheffield with Alice to visit their father Thomas ? Any further information on this would be great. Thanks
Certainly related but I'm afraid you probably have more info than I have. Your branch is not one I know much about which is why I started the original query.
Thanks DW and DL,

I have another query gents... my husband, Paul Richard Bullivant (now deed-polled to Richard Harrison) remembers his father William getting a frequent family visitor who is believed to have been William's sister (or possibly half sister) Margaret Bullivant.

In Willie's family there isn't a sister Margaret listed, but there is another listing of Margaret Bullivant born some time in 1890, and living in he same area. Could this have been her?

Also I have a marriage certificate for Willaim Bullivant and Gertrude Elizabeth Allison in Sheffield Nov 1926, and this shows William as been aged 25, which puts him being born in 1901, not 1906. Maybe he was telling porkies about his age?

Any advice?

KR Luda
Hi Linda my dad is your husbands half brother i believe.. could you get touch please ..im julie

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I'm interested in finding out what she was doing before she married. I haven't got her marriage certificate but am pretty sure she is the one. If she turned up in Sheffield in the same street as relatives that would confirm I am on right track before I apply for marriage certificate.
Hi I am related to bullivant family I dont know if people in the family are aware of my dad who's father is willie bullivant could someone get back to me would love to know if anyone has phone .thanks Julie granddaughter of willie

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Hi... just an update regarding the exact dob of Willie Bullivant. Sent off to Ireland again and asked them to check for a birth for Willie or William Bullivant, with mother Margaret or Maggie Ann Ward - nothing found.

Have sent off to Sheffield for B/C for Willie, plus a death cert for Maggie Bullivant, as well as a M/C for Maggie and Thomas Henry. When I get the results back I hope to make copies available to whoever might make use of them.

KR Luda
Hi I am related to willie hes my paternal grandad but never knew him