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Margaret evangeline walsh

Hi ive been trying to trace my grandmother with out any sucess.
i have tried posting her infomation on forums before but with no joy but im just trying again to see if any one at all can help. I have managed to trace my Grand fathers family back to 1770 and would dearly love to do the same with my grand mother.
Here are the few details i have.
Margaret Evangaline Walsh married my grand father in 1928 in Willesdon London

Her fathers name was Edward Walsh.
Margaret died 15 June 1948 in Redhill County Hospital London

I cant seem to find any infomation on her birth but she must of been born around 1906.
Any help would be wonderfull.
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Other possibilities

1 She was adopted into Walsh family

2 she had another surname because she was born to her mother before she became a Walsh, second marriage or illigitimacy

3. Walsh is an irish name following Julies suggestion

Thanks for the suggestions i have had my suspicions that Margaret was possibly Irish, unfortunately i havnt any living relatives (that i know of) left to ask now which is making this all the more of a stuggle to locate her.
I do remember my mother showing me in a whos who when i was a child a relative he was a brigadier genral John Knox and he was Irish, but my mother never mentioned to me that her mother was of Irish decent, but as she cant be found in any birth registry i can only presume she was Irish.
I think I may have found her for you. what do you think?

1911 census RG14PN18744 RG78PN1119 RD393 SD2 ED15 SN18

5 Portland place Leamington Spa Warwickshire

Clarke George Spence head married M 62 1849 railway foreman born Cheshire
Clarke Ann wife m 43 yrs F 62 1849 born Anglesea Holy head

Walsh Edward visitor M 48 1863 Army Lieutenant Northumberland Tynemouth
Walsh Marion Wife M8yrs F 30 1881 born Louth Castle Bellingham Resident
Walsh Evangeline daughter F 4 1907 Louth Castle Bellingham

Jones Hester Widow F 26 1885 Army Nurse late South Africa Kimberley visitor
( british subject by parentage)

Given the possible army connections I think this is highly likely to be her.

I have just looked up Louth Castle Bellingham . It is in Co Louth Ireland and the last resident was indeed a Brigadier General Sir Eward Bellingham born 1879

Now need to check a lot more out

Thank you dochines i need to investigate this a little more but it certainly looks promising.
Im a little confused on one point that my grandmothers first name on her wedding and death certificates was Margaret not Evangaline, Evangaline being her middle name. But never the less it looks more promising than ive had before, and i guess Margaret could of been added to her name after birth?
More confusingly i can not Find Edward born in Northumberland Tynemouth in any cencus but ive found a Edward Walsh soldier born in Blackburn in the same year but that is a long way from Northumberland.
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I have tried to research this a bit further but so far without much definite success. Do not worry about the switch of first names, it was relatively common. She may not have liked Evangeline as a first name so when old enough opted to use her second name Margaret. Sometimes if parent and child had similar names they used different names to avoid confusion.

There are several example of this in my own extended family ideed my own daughter has swopped her names round!!

The records from Ireland are difficult to search on line. At first I expected to find that Marion's maiden name was Bellingham, but cannot find any trace. If she came from the village it will be even more difficult without a search of the parish church records.

if I can help further do let me know. I hope this is going to be correct

Best wishes

Thank you for all of your help you have been brilliant.

im confused why i cant find Edward any where but im sure he will turn up.

one last thing where is a good place to start searching family history in Ireland?
Thinking about this problem of Edward Walsh. It is very possible that he was with the British Army in India and or Afganistan as a career soldier and officer. They often served for a full 22 years and by 1911 at aged 48 he would be near to retirement. I hoped he might be found in the Chelsea Pensioners records that go up to 1913. There are over 20 possibilities so it will take quite a while to look at each set of images to try and find his wife or next of kin recorded.

It was common for officers to take their wives on these long tours of duty in
the East Indies. When I get time I will start searching the British army records
in India.

What do you think of this suggeston?


I agree he does not seem to be in the other censuses

A little more progress tonight

I think this is "our" Edward Walsh in 1891

RG12P566 F25 p46
Edward is single aged 30 born Northumberland described as a soldier living in a barracks at Aldershot

and in 1871 more usefully
RG10 P5121 F34 P40
81 Grey St Tynmouth
Edward Walsh head 50 warehouseman born Cumberland ?Whithaven
Jane wife aged 50 born london St Pancras
Robert Knowles 21 joiner stepson born isle of man
Henrietta Walsh dau 17
Charlotte 14 dau
Ann J dau 10
Edward 7 son born Honnington, Tynmouth
Jessie 2 Gran dau

on the transcripts he is Edward Welsh

His birth could be 1865 1Q Tynemouth 10b 165 with Name Thomas Edward Walsh ( another example of switching first names round !!)

That still leaves him missing in 1881 and 1901 1901 could have seen him in action in the Boer War.

Stilll more to find I am sure. Do not worry about the variation in the birth year, this is not at all common. If the birth cert shows parents as Edward and jane that would prove it.

Now to look at Whitehaven for Edward senior and Jane

good night for now

Now here they are in 1861. The name is Welsh or Walsh
RG9 P3944 F7 P7 at Stanley Street
Edward Welsh head 44 Railway police
Jane 40
Eliza jane 17
Robert 13
Hannah 10
Henrietta 7
Charlotte 4
Ann Irving 10 months

Eliza Robert and Hannah are Edwards Step children, Jane having previously been married These children were born on the isle of man
Henrietta,Charlotte and Ann Irving were born in Whitehaven Cumbria
"your" Edward Thomas or Thomas Edward was not yet born

I was then able to confirm my findings as on the Public trees on A...y there is a Probert family tree owned by Maureen Probert 264

she shows Robert Bryn Welsh born 1819 Whitehaven married to Jane Hay Wells on 2 Dec 1849 at Braddan Isle of Man she was born in 1822 and died 30/4/1902at Workington cumbria

Jane Hay Wells had previously been married to Robert Kneale
Their children being
Eliza kneale born 1844
Robert Kneal 1846
Robert kneae 1848
William Kneale 1848

Jane then Married Edward Welsh and their children were
Hannah Welsh 1851
Henrietta 1854-1942
Charlotte 1857
ann irving 1860
Edward 1864

This tree continues through Henrietta Welsh who married joseph william irvine
and includes photgraphs and certificates. It is well referenced and leads down to living Primrose
There is also a very similar tree the Cella tree

now to find them on the Ise of Man in 1851

WOW dochines you have been busy i will add all of this infomation to my tree.

I cant begin to thank you enough i have been so stuck looking for my grand mothers family,now it looks like i have them now.
Now all i need to do is trace the Irish records for my grand mother and her mother.
Were is a good place to search war records for the Boar war and India /Afganistan? I am very interested to find any military records.

dochines your the best :) :) :) :)
And now 1851
Conchan Isle of Man HO107 P2525 F242 p51

Edward B Welsh 30 occ. illegible ??? mariner born England
Jane H Welsh 31
Eliza Kneale 7
Robert Kneale 5
William Kneale 3
Hannah Welsh 2 months

Still cannot find the Edward Walsh(Welsh) marriage to Marion in 1903, must be in Ireland

It is difficult to find much on line about the Indian army but a search on Access to archives A2A will help identify the files in the Public Record Office

I will keep looking

The LDS pilot site shows a birth for Evangeline Mary Margaret Walsh in Oct - Dec 1906 in Dundalk registration district (Co. Louth). You can get a copy of that certificate from the LDS or from GRO Roscommon. (Ask for a research copy and it should cost €4).
Hi i want to order the birth cert but appartently i need the mothers birth name which i dont have, what can do to get around this?
Or am i just looking in the wrong place?