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Margaret or Mary?


Active member
South Australia
Hello again,
Not sure if I am allowed to post an image from Ancestry. I have a John Clarke baptized in 1632 in Upleadon, Gloucestershire, son of Richard and Mary, according to the transcript. However the image could also suggest Margaret.
A Richard Clarke married Margaret Hayward in Hartpury in 1624. So is it Margaret or Mary in the 1632 baptism? If it's Mary, I need to look further for a burial for Margaret, and a subsequent marriage for Richard to a Mary.
Thanks in advance.
Use the snipping or similar tool to capture part of the image and post it but not the full image as it appears on pay sites.
Once again, thank you Emeltee. I suspected it was Margaret (Margareate or similar). After I posted, I showed the image to my wife, who is quite good at deciphering the old handwriting, and she said the same. Her interest in family history is "but they're all dead". :rolleyes:
Thanks Dave. I have used the snipping tool previously, but I was on my mobile at the time, and didn't know of any way to do it.