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Maria Elizabeth Girling please


As posted on 1891 census forum, She was born 1881 Brampton Suffolk, i would be very interested to know were Maria was in 1901.

Maria did not marry until 1910, although she had a daughter Margaret in 1907, i have Margarets birth cert, no father, she was born in "The Red House" Bulcamp-cum Blyburgh, Blything Suffolk, so wanting to know what "The Red House" was (although i had a feeling what place it was), i looked it up on the internet, yes it was what i thought a workhouse, Maria would have been 26 when she had Margaret, she probably went on to have more children with whom she married, ( i looked it up it was either a Henry or Harry Stone, it had both names down).

Harry/Henry Stone did not adopt Margaret, when Margaret married in 1926 her name was Girling.
So i wonder if Maria had anymore children before Margaret, How interesting, no wonder it's addictive, never get my housework done :).

Hi Lighty
I have searched the 1901 Census for the above and cannot find her any where.
Sorry, someone else might find her for you. I use G......y

She was still living with her parents and brothers John, Frederick and Thomas at The Street, Brampton in 1901.
There was one other addition to the family though. A grandson, David Girling ,aged 1 born London.
Looks to me as though Margaret may have had an older (half?) brother!

He was born in London. :confused: woo the plot thickens. wonder why she was in London, she was probably a servant there, wouldn't surprise me if she had other children, fathers probably the head of the house.
On Margarets birth cert she was at the time a domestic servant.

Thanks Emeltee and Maddie