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Marianne TUCKER (nee PAPPER)


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Page 85
Presbyterian Marriages solemnized in the Parish of St. Andrew's Sydney in the County of Cumberland in the Year 1841
No. 341
I, do hereby declare that I am a Member of, or hold Communion with, the Church [signed]
I, Marianne Papper do hereby declare that I am a Member of, or hold Communion with, the Presbyterian Church of Scotland [signed] M. Papper
I, The Revd. J. McGarvie of Sydney, Minister of St. Andrew's Ch there, do hereby certify that Henry Tucker, Bachelor of Sydney and Marianne Papper of Sydney, Spinster were joined together in Wedlock by me on the Twelfth day of August 1841 at Sydney in the presence of Wm. J. Now, Marion Williams, C. K. Alleyne, Joseph Williams, Witnesses of Sydney.
Both signed. [signed] John McGarvie D.D. Minister St. Andrews Ch.

Looking for a death for Marianne.

No births or deaths in NSW for PAPPER and only the one marriage.


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I have a death for a Henry TUCKER in NSW in 1852.

Page 75 & 76
Burials in the Parish of Camperdown in the County of Cumberland in the Year 1852
No 1504 Henry Tucker Abode: Redfern When Died: Jan. 29 When Buried: Jan. 30 Age: 33 Quality or Profession: - By whom the ceremony was performed: Charles Kemp

I also have a marriage in Qld. in 1847 for a Henry TUCKER who was a Widower.

Page 9
Marriages solemnized in the Parish of in the County of in the Year 18
No. 8
Henry Tucker Widower of the Parish unnamed
Jannet Miller Spinster of the Parish unnamed
married in the Parish by License with consent of all parties concerned
Fifth day of August 1847
Both signed
Witnesses: A. Wright of Brisbane, Ann Wright of Brisbane
[signed] John Gregor Minister of St. John's

Do we have 3x or 2x or 1x Henry ???
With no death for Marianne I can't prove that it's the same Henry who married twice. I can't even prove the 1852 burial is the one who married in 1841 or the one who married in 1847.

Only two children from the 1847 marriage:

1854/BBP324 Tucker Robert Owen - Henry - Jannet -

1854/BBP364 Tucker Marion - Henry - Janet -
V18502538 35/1850 TUCKER MARION - HENRY - JANET
We've looked at this one previously but now I have a copy of the 1841 marriage in post #1, which I didn't have before, showing Henry as a Bachelor.

A death for a 2nd Henry would also help.
The name is clearly PAPPER not PEPPER. I expected it to be German but when I googled I got Scandinavian hits.

I can see no children from the 1841 marriage.
There is one piece of evicence that points to the burial in 1852 being the Henry who married in 1847.

The Moreton Bay Courier (Brisbane, Qld. : 1846 - 1861) - Saturday 20 August 1853
At Brisbane, by special license, on the 15th August, by the Rev. Charles Stewart, Mr. John Turnbull, Kinnoul, Dawson River, to Jessie, relict of the late Mr. Henry Tucker, Sydney.

Jessie =Jannet = Jane = ...

I can't find any tree that helps re Henry. Have no idea where he was born.

1841 marriage Presbyterian and 1847 marriage CofE. May or may not mean we have 2x Henry but Marianne is a problem.
Pity there is no occupation on that burial record.

Too many Henry TUCKERs born in England around 1819.

No Henry TUCKER in NSW birth reg index or assisted to NSW.