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Marriage Francis (Frank) Hardy

Hi, need some help please.

Frank Hardy b 1880 Birmingham, died 1956. 1911 census shows a marriage to Alice Hardy, not married 1901 census. I cannot find the marriage or any children.

if hes the one shown as b 1881 Birmingham....living in Handsworth Staffordshire.....he with his wife Alice b 1883,,,,son Frank b 1906.....and his in laws the Stevensons,,,,Thomas and Eliza ?
Just had a look for the son Frank (Francis) b 24 June 1906.

I have a death 1982 Stourbridge Staffs.

Marriage 1950 to a Ricarda Manford 9c 727 67

No children found

Can some body check these please.
Thank you! I research my tree a few years ago and found marriage and history for this link. Amazing how an Internet search a few years later brings up another site with someone doing exactly the same! Hope this link contacts me!
Hi Leelou,

After one more post your user name turns green then members can contact you by PM (Personal Message) and you can use it to exchange email addresses etc...

Francis Hardy born 24th August 1880. Truss maker in 1901 census living in New John Street West, Aston. He married Alice Maud Stevenson.

Then in 1910 ish from living in a crowded back to back house opened a artificial limb and opticians shop in Parade, Birmingham. Presume his wife's family were a little more wealthy. They had 2 sons, Ronald and Frank and a daughter Margret but called herself Joan. She was my granny's cousin and best friend- went dancing in their young days! Frank junior carried on the opticians shop until the 1960's. shop still stands in summer row birmingham as a wine bar! I have photos of all these people and the shop! Happy family hunting paid off for me with many peoples help 10 years ago and now find someone I can help!
Thank you Leelou and welcome. Can you confirm your Francis (Frank) parents - James Hardy 1843-1916, Mary Ann Deeley 1848-1922. Received your PM (thank you) and will send my email address. My tree (Barlow-Hardy) is on Ancestry.

Just checked the 1901 census (RG13, 2879, 29) and my Francis (Frank) lived in Highfield Road, Saltley, Aston. So I am not sure we have the same Hardy line?

Shame looks like wrong line. I was responding to your original post looking for Francis hardy marrying Alice maud Stevenson. This Francis had a sister Ada who was my great granny Pedley. Never mind!