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Marriage John James Blower & Sarah Elizabeth Blower

Looking for a marriage between John James BLOWER (b abt 1840), possibly of Wolverhampton & Sarah Elizabeth BLOWER (b abt 1845) of Minsterley, Shropshire
Sarah's parents are James Blower and Hannah Titley both of Shropshire
Eldest born to them is Kate Blower (b 1867, Minsterley) while 3 other siblings, Mary Ann, John Albert, Herbert James, were all born in Leyton, Essex, Eng
Herbert James is my GGF and I have never been able to find a marriage for his parents.

Any ideas where I could look.
I've been scouring the regs for marriages.....and found this one.

It has been handwritten on the bottom of the original page.

View attachment 201

Maybe nothing.

Name: Sarah Blower
Year of Registration: 1867
Quarter of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep
District: (Illegible)
Page: ___a
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It looks like Ware but the volume for Ware is 3a and it looks like 2a and page 242a.

I searched Ware 3a for all marriages for 1867 and found nothing. I searched 2a (Kent) for 1867 and found nothing.


Yes Steve, Blower was her maiden name as well

This family have been a problem for me for years, managed to tidy up Sarah's side of the family a couple of years ago, now trying to get info on John's and thought a marriage somewhere would help.
The 1871 census for Essex has Sarah being born in Wolverhampton but John's birth place is left blank, while the three children living with them all have the correct birthplace and the eldest shown as Minsterley. That's why I think John was born in Wolverhampton as I know Sarah was born in Minsterley.
I know they were living on Phillibrook Farm, Leyton, Essex then.

I wouldn't have a clue as to where they would have been married, so will try and follow up on the info you have given me.

Is a bit difficult attempting this from Australia.

Thanks for your help

Hello Garry,

I can't see the James & Hannah marriage anywhere yet.

Births Sep 1866
Blower Emma Atcham 6a 603

That is the only one around 1867 that fits. Minsterley is in the Atcham Registration District. If the 1867 came from a census then it's possibly a year or more out. If Minsterley is correct then 'Kate' may not have had her birth registered. Or...


Thanks Dave,
I have all the details on Sarah Blower and her family, her parents, James and Hannah, married just across the border in Trelystan, Montgomeryshire, Wales on 13 Jul 1834.
It is the marriage of John and Sarah I am interested in finding and the birth details of John James Blower.
I don't have an Emma Blower in my tree at all.


Hi b00kie,
Interested as to which tree you were looking at regarding John being born abt. 1839 in Essex county.
He has been a mystery for me for a long time now.


Hello Garry,

If Minsterley is correct and her name is actually Kate then it seems her birth was not registered or is missing from the records. I simply looked for a birth in what would be the correct RD for about the right year. :)

I have several births in my tree in England I can't find despite knowing that the details in census records re given name and place of birth are accurate.


Thanks Dave,
I will have to go back over my records to check where I got the information that Kate was born in Minsterley. If it was only from the 1871 census then that may have been in the wrong line like I think the parents were.

Hello Garry,

You probably have there but I just looked to see if Leyton fitted.

Births Sep 1868
BLOWER Mary Ann W. Ham 4a 64

Births Dec 1869
Blower John W. Ham 4a 78

Births Sep 1878
Blower Herbert James W. Ham 4a 134


Hi Garry,
I have gone back & "re-looked" at the trees. The one that says John was born in Essex has very little info, so this is probably incorrect. There are 2 or 3 that list all the info you have & that's where I found Albert John(the one who went to CA). Now, there is a very interesting twist on one tree that I found - It shows John with 2 spouses & according to the dates the children were born, John would have had to had the 2 wives at the same time so I don't know how reliable this tree is. Sarah's dates are 1835-1883. John married a "Jane" in 1859 & they had children from 1860-1881. John & Sarah had children from 1868-1878. See what I mean?:confused: Do you think there is a remote possibility that this was the case?
Trees show John as being born in Wolverhampton.
If you want to contact the owners of these trees I will be happy to e-mail your request to them - just send me your e-mail via PM.
Hi b00kie,
This family has been very difficult indeed, every time I appear to get somewhere that area dries up. So I have always felt that there was a deep family secret that no-one would talk about.
This appears quite possible as my John and Sarah did have children 1868 to 1878.
I have Sarah being born abt 1845 so that doesn't agree

There was 2 Sarah Blower deaths in Essex,
BLOWER Sarah Elizabeth Edmonton 3a 156 in 1883 and
BLOWER Sarah Mile End 1c 394 in 1879

Will send a PM


Hi Garry,

Whilst browsing, I noticed your reference to your family in Phillibrook farm Leyton.

Many years ago now I lived in Leyton. There is still a Fillibrook Rd. ( note spelling change) The Fillibrook was an underground stream that passed under parts of Leyton. Occasionally after very heavy rain the stream would break the surface and flood streets and houses.

Thought it might be an interesting snippet for you