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Married the same woman twice, why?

jon attwood

Active member
One of my ancestors was married twice to the same woman, Once in April 1898 when she was aged 19, and again in November 1900 when she was 21, I have certificates for both marriages and everything seems to be in order on both of them.

I am wondering why they were married twice, and have come up with a couple of scenarios, firstly the couple may have married without their parents consent the first time, and waited 'til they were of full age to get married again, and the second scenario is that the groom needed his commanding officers permission to marry (he was in the army at the time, and the dates suggest that he may have got married just before and soon after service in Africa), which he did not have the first time round.

In either scenario the first marriage might have been annulled, so where would I find information on annulled marriages?
and can any of you put foward another scenario as to how or why this odd situation may have occurred?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this has become something of a family mystery!

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