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Married twice or thrice!


dovercourt but born Enfield
I seem to be having problems remembering people who got married several times with offspring.
As I use Family Tree Maker, all the information is there but I keep going down a second marriage and loose the main link!
I suppose its just a failing grey cell but its so annoying!
I keep thinking I've found some new rellies only to discover they are already in the tree!

I suppose I out to make a paper tree then it will be obvious or will it!

Peter, I share your problems, mainly because I'm a computer-illiterate. But having said that, I am doing a spread sheet for them all, slowly. I click on save after every page I do. So I have little boxes with lines drawn to connect the route. Very tiring but it may be worth it in the end!:rolleyes:
I will have to sort something out as I've just done it again. Had some rellies up and couldn't find my way back to actual rellies.
Had to start at the beginning, I think the problem is when I go down a line where new children are born to the new wife(or husband) and of course theres no direct link back to my family, plus the fact that the number on the person indicating extra spouse is quite small.
I suppose there could be a colour change for the new family then it would be obvious, I will have to suggest it to them.