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Married Twice

I was just checking details while ordering a marriage certificate for Getrude Bullivant and Thomas Henry Muscroft in 1903. In Yorkshire BMD they were married in a church in Leeds. Yet when I look up the GRO index they are married in Tadcaster. Definitely same people and same date so what is happening? Could they have married twice?
Dear Duckweed
I think you have a right one here ! It is just to keep you on your toes and the brain ticking properly. Good luck !

This Getrude has been trouble from the beginning. She's born somewhere totally different from most of her family. Her name is mispelt on some sites. Someone forgot where she was born in one census and she has her first child born in Tadcaster before coming back to Leeds just to confuse matters. Plus someone has put her into their family tree just because she has the same name and is the same age as a Nottinghamshire Bullivant.