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Hi all,
My great grandfather was Cyril marsden born sheffield in 1923. I know his father was also called Cyril marsden and he was married to florence taylor. I'm guessing they were born around early 1900's or late 1800's. I'm not sure if they were born in sheffield. I'm looking for Cyril Seniors father and mother. Looking for any information on where they were born or any siblings etc and any information on florence taylor and her side.

Thanks a lot
I can't find a birth for a Cyril Marsden in 1923 with mmn Taylor. There is one in 1920 though
Mar 1920 Ecclesall B 9c 977 mmn Taylor.

There is also a death
Mar 1981 Halifax 4 965 dob 17 January 1920

Is this your man?

Cyril Marsden and Florence Taylor married Dec 1917 Ecclesall B 9c 629

They had Cyril 1920, Roy 1922 and Douglas R 1926

According to the 1939 Reg Florence was born 11 June 1898. The GRO site has
Sep 1898 Ecclesall B 9c 402 mmn Biggin.

According to the Censuses her parents were Richard Taylor and Elizabeth and her siblings were Henry 1900, Amy 1903, Frank 1905 and Beatrice 1911

There is a death for a Cyril Marsden Dec 1976 Sheffield 3 1765 which gives a birth date of 16 May 1899
The only birth I can find which fits is June 1899 Wortley 9c 361 mmn Marples

There is a marriage for a Charles Marsden to an Edith Marples Sep 1895 Sheffield 9c 749

Hope this helps. Sorry but I don't have any more time to keep looking tonight. Will see what else I can find tomorrow


Yes I think that's correct. I want to keep my nan up to date with all this new information, has its her family line on her father's side.
Ok great, thanks emeltee your a life saver.
Speak soon


Was charles marsden and edith marples the parents of cyril marsden senior?
Does it say if charles marsden and edith marples were born in sheffield ?
Where were richard taylor and elizabeth born?
What's the birth date for cyril marsden senior?

Thank you.
Charles Marsden and Edith Marples were the parents of Cyril Marsden born 1899.
Charles Marsden was born 1876 in Bradfield and Edith Marples 1877 in Ecclesfield according to the Cenus
Richard Taylor was born 1877 Norton Derbyshire according to the Census. Norton is actually in the Registration district of Eccleshall Bierlow. Elizabeth Biggin was born 1874 in Sheffield.

Charles Marsden parents Charles Marsden born 1847 in Crook and Emily Kay born 1851 Stannington married Mar 1868 Sheffield 9c 415

Edith Marples parents John Marples born 1840 Ecclesfield and Hannah Rose born 1844 Ecclesfield married Sep 1865 Sheffield 9c 508

You're welcome Nicole. However you must realise that I am, like most people, just an amateur ancestor hunter. I have been doing this for some years now so have a reasonable idea of where to look for information, but I would advise buying certificates, where possible, to be sure that what I have found is correct. I can never guarantee that what I have found is 100% correct.


It sounds like you've found the right people. You're much better than me. I've not actually done a lot of research, I never know where to start. I really appreciate your help. I was starting to wonder whether I was getting abit over obsessive with asking all the time, it's just it really interests me.

Thanks emeltee.