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Mary (Ann?) Burgess. 1899/1900 Manchester.

Congratulations Gerard - Well Done and Thank God for that!!!:biggrin:

Got all the childrens births for the period 1898 to 1910, but still can't find the Burgess mob in 1911.
But I suppose what else do I need, apart from a holiday.:biggrin:

Ungrateful wretch I am.:rolleyes:

Olive Burgess. 1898. Chorlton, Lancs.
Mary Agnes Elizabeth Burgess. 1900. Stretford, Lancs.
Frederick Graham Burgess. 1906. Liverpool(West Derby), Lancs.
Norman Burgess 1910. Liverpool(West Derby), Lancs.

So come on you experts, where are they in 1911. I don't think you're trying hard enough. I mean..........how hard can it be.:rolleyes: :2fun: :2fun: :2fun:
Now where's my body armour.;) :)

Just pray to God you find it before my arrows have you quivering :D
Just for the record.....................I'm still looking, as, I expect, are the rest of us :rolleyes: :)
BURGESS, Alice Louisa 1871 40
BURGESS, Dorothy E 1898 13
BURGESS, Eric W 1904 7
BURGESS, Irene Constance 1899 12
BURGESS, John B 1905 6
BURGESS, William 1871 40
WILLIAMSON, John 1873 38

Hi Steve,

In 1911, Norman D Burgess, b 1910, in Liverpool, is in Toxteth Park with the above people. His "relationship to head of household" is "Son", so it's probably not your Norman.

Hmm! Will keep loooking!
:D Josie

Josie, can you put any more detail/address on these people, as Toxeth has come in searches.