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Mary Ann Walder. Left peaceful Sussex for London in 1864.


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She has been mentioned before on here. Mary Ann Walder. Born 2 December 1839 in the quaint village of Warninglid in Slaugham, Sussex, a parish surrounded by woodland, and country estates and hills. She was the eldest of several children, the youngest born in 1860 to her fathers second wife.

She grew up at her fathers wheelwright business cottage along Main Street Warninglid. Her real mother Mary Ann Walder nee Boniface died in 1845 aged 23. Mary Ann is on the 1851 census aged 11 in the village.

She turned 18 in December 1857. Mary Ann is on the 1861 census aged 21, a single woman living with her father, grandfather and siblings. Still living in the quiet rural countryside. In 1861 her future husband, a footman, Thomas Roberts, a married man was living down the road in Brighton/.

In the spring of 1863, Mary Ann Walder fell pregnant. On the 31 December 1863 she gave birth to an illegitimate daughter in Warninglid, Mary Ann Walder. No fathers name listed on her birth cert. Birth registered 28 January 1864. Mary Ann Walder's grandad John died 3 days later aged 73. He was buried 6 February 1864 at Slaugham churchyard.

No wonder why Mary Ann then fled to London.

In about March or April 1864 Mary Ann Walder upped sticks and moved to Stoke Newington in London with Thomas Roberts. They married in July 1864. Thomas was a servant. The baby was then baptised in November 1864 at the same church as the daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann Roberts. Thomas's previous wife Esther died in November 1863 aged 42 of TB, (when Mary Ann Walder was 7 months pregnant)and the cert said Esther had been ill for several years.


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