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Mary Ann Who??


Can anyone shed any light on this mystery?

Mary Ann Robson married Benjamin Barnet Bridges in Holy Trinity, Sunderland on the 24th March 1850; she was widowed, and gave her father's name as George Todd, a waterman.

However, on the baptism records of two of her children with Benjamin, Jane and William, she is named as Mary Ann Charlton Bridges.
And the birth registrations of all of her children with Benjamin give her maiden name as 'Charlton.'

A Mary Ann Charlton married George Robson in Bishopwearmouth on the 11th August 1836, and they appear to have had a daughter, Mary Ann, born on the 11th September 1837 (mmn Charlton).
Mary Ann Robson appears as Mary Ann Bridges, aged 13 years on the 1851 census.

Mary Ann was born in Sunderland c 1813, but I cannot find a baptism for a Mary Ann Todd, father, George, nor a marriage for a Mary Ann Todd to a Charlton, prior to 1836 - can anybody help solve the mystery?

Witnesses at her marriage to Benjamin, were George Lord, the parish clerk, and Page Smith, the sexton, so no help there!

Also Benjamin was marrying bigamously, as his first wife, Jane Crowther, was alive and well and living in Newcastle with his two children.
She outlived both Benjamin and Mary Ann



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dovercourt but born Enfield
When my gran maried she said her name was Smith but as there was no adoption when her mother remarried she then used her stepfathers name - Smith. She also continued to use Smith even on my mothers birth certificate.
Why people did this I don't know - just to give us more work tracing the family!
Hi Folks

Many thanks for taking an interest in my puzzle!

I saw that baptism for Mary Charlton, father George, mother, Charlotte. Sadly, I cannot find any trace of George, or Charlotte on any census. I have checked for other baptisms with parents George and Charlotte, and found another seven (Jane, Robert, Matthew, Martha, Joseph, William and John). Most name George as being a labourer, and their address as Low Street, Sunderland.
George can be found on the 1841 census, living in Dunning Street, with children, Martha, Matthew and William; George was employed as a labourer.

So not sure that this is the right one.


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