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Mary Anne FOSTER


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Marriages Sep Qtr 1842 Guildford 4 143
AVENELL James & FOSTER Mary Anne

Deaths Mar Qtr 1857 AVENELL James [39] Farnham 2a 55

Births Dec Qtr 1860 AVENELL Richard Goodhall - Farnham 2a 90 mmn FOSTER

Baptism Register St Andrew Farnham Surrey
Richard Goodall son of Mary Ann AVENELL of East Street. Baptised privately 10th Dec 1860. Mother - Single Woman. Received into the Church 24th March 1869.

If 1x Mary then why mmn = Foster and not blank? and why son's family name is not Foster? And ??

Aldershot Military Gazette 2 November 1861
AFFILIATION CASE.- Richard Goodall, pipemaker of Winchester, was summoned for neglecting
to contribute to the support of the illegitimate child of Mary Ann Avenell, of which he was the
putative father. Mr. White appeared for the compaintant. After hearing the evidence, the
magistrate made an order for 2s. 6d. per week.
This makes no sense. The R. G. born 1860 married here and father is James ?? but James died in 1857 and the father was R. G. senior ?? who I don't have in any census. A brother of James??

Marriage Register
St Paul Westminster Bridge Road Southwark
5th Aug 1882
Richard Goodall AVENELL 22 Bachelor Teacher of Rotherhithe Father = James AVENELL Farmer
Matilda Jane LEE 20 Spinster of Waterloo Road Father = Henry Robert LEE Dispenser
Both signed
Witnesses: Henry Robert LEE, James LEE and Jessie Emily GEARING
With regard to your first post Mary Anne Avenell (nee Foster) was a widow when son Richard Goodhall Avenell was born in 1860 therefore classed as a single woman. When registering the birth she was probably asked for her maiden name which she correctly gave as Foster.

Regarding post#3 it is possible Richard gave James as his father in order to look 'legitimate'. Saved a lot of explanation/family shame.
Thanks Emeltee.

The father must have been named as the birth was registered as Avenell. If registered as Foster then it would be usual for mmn to then be blank.

I can't find a R. G. Avenell senior.

I don't think it was necessary in the beginning of Civil Registration for the father to have to attend at the registration of a birth so Mary Anne, or whoever registered the birth, could possibly have given the father's name. The only way to find out who was entered as the father would be to get the birth certificate.
Thanks Emeltee.

Not close enough to a main line to get that birth certificate.

Still trying to find R. G. senior.

Still trying to find R. G. senior. Could this be your man? 1861 Fareham, Hampshire. RG09 649 / 123 8

Richard Goodale. b 1815 "Married"
Tobacco Pipe Maker Employ 6 Men 3 Woman 3 Boys
Thanks Keith.

Yes, possible as middle name changes from record to record.

Not sure about that.

Mary Foster and daughter Mary A show as 'Midwife' in census.