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Mary Degan Born On., Canada

Just to refresh your memory Mary Degan as confirmed by Brant County,
Ontario Genealogy Society. Was married to William Dodman b. 1821,
Snettisham, Norfolk, Eng. & passed 1875, Zone Township, Kent County,
On., Canada. Mary & William were married in Brantford, Brant County, On.,
All Saints Church, in 1841.

I am reposting this topic because of new information that I have obtained.
As I have found out Mary was born in a very remote part of northern On.
The area she was born is called the James Bay drainage basin & the Cree
Nation lives here as well. The actual spot or area Mary was born is about
at the middle southern points between the Drowning River & the Little
Drowning River. To the east of these 2 points is a village or town named
Nakina. Just north east of Nakina is Lake Wababimige & to the far west of
Little Drowning River is Lake Jog & Kenogami River. This description is just
my way of giving you where Mary was born, this area is so remote nothing
other than what I have described, shows on a map.

With this information is it possible to achieve any more information about
Mary? I am interested in finding her parents, birth date which is believed to
be between 1819 & 1822 +, any siblings Mary may have had.

Thank You Very Much For Taking Time With This Post

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