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Mary Elizabeth ASKHAM b. 1834 Rothwell


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Mary Elizabeth ASKHAM
Christening : 10 Aug 1834 Rothwell, YWR
Father : Richard ASKHAM
Mother : Mary

Frederick c. Sep 1838 Rothwell, YWR

Deaths Jun 1846
Askham Frederick Huddersfield 22 283

Richard ASKHAM c. 18 May 1800 Hemsworth Near Wakefield, Yorkshire

I can't find his marriage anywhere. It's probable his father's name is Richard.

Mary Unknown b. abt 1800 Rothwell, YWR

Conjecture: If this is Mary ARMITAGE and the origin of the descendants middle name then either I have ARMITAGE on both sides or John BARRACLOUGH's parents are not Jacob and Mary ARMITAGE.

Birth : 21 Jan 1833
Christening : 22 Sep 1833 Queens St Wesleyan, HUDDERSFIELD YORKSHIRE
Mother : Mary ARMITAGE

This is my John:

Mar 1854
Askam Mary Elizabeth Hunslet 9b 240
Askham Mary Elizabeth Hunslet 9b 240
Baraclough John Hunslet 9b 240
Barraclough John Hunslet 9b 240

and their only child born in YWR (others born in Australia):

Births Dec 1856
Barraclough Frederick Armitage Huddersfield 9a 323

Any help would be appreciated.

Also on familsearch there is an extracted christening for for a Richard Askham
christened 1 Aug 1799 Pontefact Yorkshire

Father Richard Dickon Askham
Mother Ann.

Loooks like this Richard married in 1836 to a Mary Ann Illingworth, Pontefract.

Have you got Richard and Hannah in 1841?
Hello juliejtp,

Thanks for your help. I'm in Bangkok and my credit card has expired so I can't even if I wanted to get membership of Ancestry.

The marriage in Mar 1854 and this death information is definitely my family:


NAME: Mary E. Barraclough
AGE: 79
DEATH DATE: 01 May 1911
DETAILS: Section: 9 Ordinary, Row: 32, Grave: 1924
INSCRIPTION: (None Stated)

However there must be some doubt about this then given the death record has mother's name as Annie not Mary:

Name : Mary Elizabeth ASKHAM
Christening : 10 Aug 1834 ROTHWELL YORKSHIRE
Father : Richard ASKHAM
Mother : Mary

If the age at death and her age on the shipping record is correct then Mary was born about 1833.

Yes, there is a submitted file for a Richard Askham marrying a Hannah England on December 6, 1796 in Hemsworth.

No, I don't have Richard and Hannah in 1841.


Hello juliejtp,

Some information is correct and some is nothing much more than a best guess at the moment.

This is the shipping record:
Assisted immigrants arriving in Sydney & Newcastle, 1844-59
Departed Plymouth 23 Dec 1856 and arrived Sydney 1 Apr 1857
Barraclough John, 24 and Mary, 24 and infant Frederick on vessel 'Fitzjames'.

Mary's death reg has her parents as Richard and Annie and John's says both are unknown.

Frederick is the only one with a middle name of Armitage. Several gandsons and great grandsons of John & Mary have Askham as a middle name.

Their third child born in Australia was born in Queensland and in that state you get the full mother's name in the free-to-search index:
Reg# 1863/B1817 Barraclough Harry Askham John Mary Elizabeth Askham

So I have no doubt about this marriage:

Mar 1854
Askam Mary Elizabeth Hunslet 9b 240
Askham Mary Elizabeth Hunslet 9b 240
Baraclough John Hunslet 9b 240
Barraclough John Hunslet 9b 240

I have never purchased nor even seen a copy of an English CR birth or marriage record. If all fields were filled in what sort of information would I get if I were to purchase a copy of that marriage? I suppose it's possibe that I could actually get nothing on any of the four parents for my money.


Hi Dave,

Birth certificates:-

Registration district
Sub district
In the country

1. When and where born
2. Name if any
3. Name and surname of father
4. Name surname and maiden name of mother
5. Occupation of father
6. Signature d, description and residence information
7. When registered
8. When registered
9. Signature of registrar
10. Name entered after registration

Marriage certificate:- This is one in 1858

Marriage soleminized at the parish church in the parish of LLantrisiant in the county of Glamorgan

When married
Name and surname
Rank or profession
Residence at the time of marriage (this one only gives place not address)
Fathers name and surname
Rank or profession of father

Sometimes on the marriage certificate of full age was entered this meant 21 and over.
Hello juliejtp,

Thank you. I have an Irish marriage certificate from 1848 that shows the father's name and rank/profession of both parties so with the English one I'll get no information to help me determine if we have the correct father for Mary Elizabeth ASKHAM (my GG grandmother). And 7 pounds is not too bad. In NSW a marriage certificate costs A$27.


Whether these are your Richards parents or they are parents to the other Richard.


Civil parish
RD Pontefract
Sub reg district Ackworth

Richard Askham age 70 occ ag lab born in county
Hannah Askham age 60 born in county

Looks like James Askham is living in the same house but as a seperate household, this is indicated by a single black line for living next door would be indicated by 2 black lines.

James Askham age 30 occ ag lab born in county

Civil parish Almondbury
RD Huddersfield
Sub reg district Lockwood

Richard Askham age age 40 occ gardiner born in county
Mary age 40 born in county
Elizabeth age 8 born in county
Eliza age 6 born in county
Frederick age 4 born in county
Hello juliejtp,

Thanks for that info. Yes, it's not possible to tell, but with Pontefract if I had to guess, I'd say not mine. I'm going to have to purchase some certificates to help solve this, since it is my GG grandmother.


Hello juliejtp,

The application form for a copy of the marraige had been received by the Leeds RO because the amount has been deducted from my account. I requested for it to be sent by registered air mail but have not received it yet. I hope it's not gone missing in the post.


Hello juliejtp,

I have received a copy of the marriage certificate and it confirms her father is Richard and a gardener.

Copy of certificate: 1854 #181
Mar 6 1854 in Parish Church Rothwell County of York
John Barraclough 21 Bachelor Mason Almondbury Jacob Barraclough Weaver
Mary Elizabeth Askham 20 Spinster ------- Rothwell Ricd. Askham Gardener
Witnesses: Thomas Crossland & William Gibson

What I don't have now is Richard's marriage to a Mary unknown. It's been suggested it has to be an ARMITAGE :2fun: because there are so many of them in that area at that time - that would give me that family name on the BARRACLOUGH and ASKHAM sides of the family.


Hello crankypants,

1851 ENGLAND Census
Name : Richard ASKHAM
Age : 50
Est Birth Year : 1801
Relationship : Head
Spouse : Mary
where Born : Hanworth ? [Hemsworth]
Civil Parish : Lockwood
Registration district : Huddersfield
Ocupation : Gardener
Address : Swan Lane
Other Household Members
Mary ASKHAM, Wife, age 51, born Rothwell Yorkshire Occupation School teacher
Eliza Ann ASKHAM, Daughter, age 16

Deaths Mar 1853
Askham Richard Huddersfield 9a 260

RD Huddersfield - Sub-district Lockwood - County York

#347 Eighteenth January 1853 Swan Lane Lockwood - Richard Askham - Male - 52 years - Gardener - Chronic Bronchitis 5 years Certified - Elizabeth Askham In Attendance Swan Lane Lockwood - Twenty Second January 1853 - Edward Battye Registrar

No doubt about that one.