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Mary Ellen MOORE


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London, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1921
Edward Moores
Spouse: Elizabeth Lomes
Banns Date: 23 Jan 1814
Parish: Saint George The Martyr
County: Middlesex [Surrey]
Borough: Southwark

Edward Moores 13 Jan 1819 Per 'General Stuart', 1818 On list of convicts disembarked from the 'General Stuart' and forwarded to Liverpool for distribution.

Convict Details
Elizabeth Moore (alias Lomas)
Crime: Forging & uttering notes
Time of Trial: 21st March 1818
Sentence: 14 Years Transportation

Arrived on the 'Lord Wellington' on 21 Jan 1820 with children Joseph and [Mary] Ellen * Source re children ????????

NSW Baptism 1823 November 3 Mary Ellen - Edward & Elizabeth Moore - When Born: March 6, 1817 - Where Registered St. Luke's Liverpool B

NSW baptisms do not list place of birth.
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If the family were having her baptised in Australia, it rather implies that she hadn't been baptised in England. You don't normally baptise a child twice.
I agree and no baptism can be found in NSW for eldest son.

Joseph Cluff Moores
Born 22 Nov 1814
Baptism: 2 Jun 1816
Father: Edward Moores
Mother: Elizabeth Moores
Parish: St Mary, Newington
Borough: Southwark
County: Middlesex

Arrived free on the 'Lord Wellington' 20 Jan 1820 with mother Elizabeth and sister Ellen.

I can't find any evidence the two children arrived with their mother on the convict vessel.

Moore Joseph 3 May 1880 65 son/Edward & Elizabeth (Lomas); b. London, England; h/Matilda (Drake) Glenmore Camden Uniting Church NSW C, 79-81
I can only find this.

Thursday 20. Jany. 1820
This forenoon anchored in Sydney Cove the Ship Lord Wellington Transport, Commanded by Capt. Lewis Hill, and of which Doctr. Edward Ford Bromley R. N. is Surgeon Supdt., having on board 121 Female Convicts with 35 Children, and Six Free Women with Ten Children, from England and Ireland – which last Country she sailed from on the 7th. of July last – being Six months and a half in making the Passage. The Female Convicts have all arrived in good Health.

Average passage is 95 days.
No children's names or BC = Born Colony

1822 Muster Moore Edward - Sawyer/labourer Ticket of Leave + Elizabeth and 4 children aged 8, 5, 2 & 4 mo.

Edward Moore
Arrival Date: 1818
Vessel: 'Gen Stuart'
Province: NSW
General muster M - Z
Year(s): 1825

I'm not sure which pay site holds the images.
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If an image of an early muster/census can be found it might list some children as BC and others as CF. But it may not name the children. They may be listed in a particular column with an age range heading.

B.C. for Born in the Colony.
C.F. for Came Free.
F.S. for Free by Servitude.
A.P. for Holding an Absolute Pardon.
C.P. for Holding a Ticket of Leave.
C. for Convict.
C.S. for Colonial Sentence.
G.S. for Government (or Assigned) Servant. (4)

There are two versions of the 1828 census - Australian copy and TNA copy both on A....
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FS also has the 1828 census but it only lists 2x and neither the one I want.

Edward Moore per Asia 1820

Edward More per Batavia 1818