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Mary Gough - Transportation


Looking for info on Mary Gough a distant relation, sentenced to transportation 12/06/1846. Arrived in Tasmania 21/07/1847 on convict ship Asia (7). According to archives digitised record, see below, it looks as if Mary was pardoned in June 1853.
Info from the State Library in Tasmania is as follows:-

First, a brief transcription of the less legible parts of Mary's conduct record:
She was convicted at the Birmingham Quarter Sessions on 12 Apr 1846 and sentenced to 10 years. She arrived on the Asia [7th voyage] on 27 July 1847. She was a Catholic and could read and write. She was convicted of stealing from the person. Gaol report: before convicted. Conn[illegible].. bad. Single. Stated this offence: stealing 10 pounds, 1 shilling from person. Once for felony 2 months [ie convicted before]. 3 years on the town [ie destitute/prostitute] Surgeon's report, fair.
Her trade was Housemaid. She spent 6 months and 1 week in gang probation on the hulk Anson. Received a conditional pardon on 7 June 1853.

We have found that Mary left Tasmania on 14 Oct 1853 on the ship 'Clarence', bound for Melbourne [Tas Archives and Heritage Office, POL220/1/1, p319].

I have now drawn a blank on what happened to Mary after arriving in Melbourne, that's assuming that the ship did dock in Melbourne.
Mary's Tasmanian records should have a file that lists her age and her parents and siblings. That record is one of the most difficult to read.

CON15-1-4,374,100,L,80 * that means the record is on images 100 & 101

Age 19 (in 1846) - Single - RC - R&W

Father John
Mother not listed
Brothers James & Mark
Sisters Sophia & Emma
living in Birmingham
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A possible for Mary.

Death registration - 1911 - Carlton North Victoria

Mary Rubie age 74
Father Jas Gough
Mother Norah Carl N Carroll


1863 - Victoria

Mary Gough
Spouse Robert Ruble

1841 census England.

Civil parish Birmingham - RD Birmingham - Sub Rd St. George

Asylum for infant poor

Emma Gough age 9
Mark Gough age 7
Sophia Gough age 12

Born in county

Class H0107
Piece 1141
Book 15
Folio 68
Page 5
Looking at marriages for a John in Warwickshire possible ones include:

Ann Davenpord
Ann Sadler
Mary Mace
Sophia Ballard
Whether he is Marys brother but also came across this for a Mark Gough.

Mark Gough
Born abt 1835
Age 24
Event place - Echuca, Victoria, Australia
Event type Dessertion
Date 21 Jul 1859
From what I wonder, Julie.

From army, from employer, from ...

Any sign of a death in Victoria for a Mark with father = John and mother one of the four I listed?
Mark Gough is charged on warrant with deserting from the hired services of James Iron, Bridge Hotel Euchuca on the 17th instant. The offender is about 24yrs of age 5'7 high, dark complexioned, pale faced, black hair, whiskers and moustache, hair thin on top of head, dressed in grey woollen undercoat, dark trousers, wellington boots, white shirt, black necktie and
black cap. He was employed as a waiter at the above hotel and is supposed to have proceeded to Melbourne or Kilmore. He is likely to have a small carpet bag with him, containing papers and references & c - 20th July 1859.
There is a marriage in 1853 in Victoria for a Mary Gough.

There are only two marriages listed in Victoria 1853-1870 for a Mary Gough.
Mary Gough b.1830 (to parents John Gough b.1803 and Ann Sadler c.1804), in Coventry, Warwickshire.

Mary's family were living in Agnes Lane, Holy Trinity, Coventry in 1841.
John Gough, born about 1803
Ann " " " " "
William "" " " 1836
John " " " 1839
No sign of Mary.

Is the convict the same Mary given the names of siblings on Tasmanian Archives and the probable location of those siblings in 1841?

One tree has a death for a Mary Ann in Coventry in 1849 but where is she in 1841? - HERE
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The Mary Gough in NSW arrived per 'Tellicherry' in 1806.

New South Wales, Australia, Registers of Convicts' Applications to Marry, 1826-1851
Mary Gough
Spouse: Thomas Farelly
Birth: Abt 1830
Marriage: 25 Sep 1849

I can't find that Application to Marry on the NSW Records site.

Now Mary per 'Asia' didn't leave Tasmania until 1853 and there is nothing on the Tasmanian Archives to indicate she married in Tasmania.

Finding the death of Mary, the convict per 'Asia' could help. The reg may not list age or parents.
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I think the info that everyone has supplied is really interesting but now I'm starting to have doubts about whether my Mary Gough is the MG that was transported. So I am going right back to the beginning and check all my facts.

Can I just add that I really appreciate all the effort that all of you have put in to help me on this and also for the info supplied.

At some point I will post my findings.

Thanks again