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Name: Mary Howard
Event Type: Census
Gender: Female
Age: 61
Schedule Type: Household
Registration District: Risbridge
Sub-District: Wickhambrook
Parish: Little Thurlow
County: Suffolk

I'd like a look up for that household please.


Hi Dave,

This looks like her


Temple End, Little Thurlow

Reg district Newmarket & Risbridge

Richard Howard 64 Farmer No I
Mary Howard 61 No I
Charles Howard 36 No I
George Howard 20 No I
Stephen Howard 19 No I
Henry Howard 17 No I
Susanna Howard 15 No I
Eliza Howard 12 No I

I presume the I means Ireland.

Good luck!

Thanks Emeltee.

Not sure about the 'I' ??? I think they are all born Cambridgeshire.

Mary Challis c. 9 April 1780 Brinkley, Cambridgeshire
Thos Challis & Francis
Batch: C073411

Richard Haward & Mary Challis
Marriage 21 July 1802 Brinkley, Cambridgeshire
Batch: M073411

RG10 Piece 1712 Folio 10 Page 11
Civil Parish: Great Thurlow
Town: Great Thurlow
County: Suffolk
Registration District: Risbridge
Sub-RD: Wickhambrook
ED: 1
Mary Howard 89 Brinsley, Cambridgeshire

Deaths Mar 1872
Howard Mary 94 Risbridge 4a 285

Perhaps we work backwards and find Mary in 1861 and 1851 and then look again at 1841.

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That could be the family in 1841 with a gap between Charles and George.

This is son John:

HO107 Piece 71 Book/Folio 5/10 Page 15
Civil Parish: Carlton
County: Cambridgeshire
Registration District: Linton
Sub-RD: Balsham
ED: 6
Address: Carlton Green, Carlton Cum Willingham
HOWARD, John M 30 Shoemaker Cambridgeshire
HOWARD, Elizabeth F 30 Not born in county
HOWARD, Elizabeth F 10 Cambridgeshire
HOWARD, George M 9 Cambridgeshire
HOWARD, Elijah M 7 Cambridgeshire
HOWARD, Mary Anne F 5 Cambridgeshire
HOWARD, Emma F 3 Cambridgeshire
HOWARD, Susan F 1 Cambridgeshire
Hi Dave,

The 1841 Mary is the only Howard family living in Little Thurlow, Suffolk.

The only Mary Howard of the right age born Brinkley in 1851 is a widow living alone

Carlton Green, Carlton-cum-Willingham
Reg District Linton

Mary Howard 71 Widow Annuitant Brinkley, Cambs

She doesn't appear in Cambridge in 1841. The family I gave you definitely had what looked like an 'I' in the column for Where born if abroad, although it did look rather like a back slash sooner than an I. I suppose it could just have been the Enumerator counting them off perhaps. I am sure it is the right family though, just ignore the Ireland bit!

Thanks Emeltee.

I'd better go back and review what is in my tree and what I know is correct.

John 40 Labourer Brinkley Cambridgeshire Richard & Mary mother living at Little Tallow [Thurlow] Suffolk CofEng Read None Good None

So Richard had died by 1848.

Deaths Jun Qtr 1842
Howard Richard Risbridge 12 290