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MCPARTLIN, Patrick m. GREENAN, Mary Bridget


Hi everyone,
I have been struggling with this family for quite some time. Any help would be appreciated.

MCPARTLIN, Patrick m. GREENAN, Mary Bridget abt 1867 probably Leitrim

From birth registration records, I believe Mary's mother's name is Nabby Greenan being present at birth.
They had:
James (1867 ); Maryanne (1869) m FRANCIS, William; Terence (1872); Delia Bridget ~ my great grandmother (1874); Francis (1876 ) m KANE, Catherine Ellen; Patrick (1878 ); Michael (1880 ). I have found birth registration records for all but Delia and Michael. The rest were born in Aghavaden, Leitrim Co, Mohill, Ireland.

I cannot find where this town is on a map and I cannot figure out when my great grandmother immigrated to the US or if anyone came with her. She married Alfred Jolliffe in 1899 in Rhode Island. In an obituary that I came across it said that she had a brother, Francis in England but it does not say where.

Unfortunately, I don't know anyone on this side of my family so this has all been pieced together from papers that I selvaged from the garbage after my grandmother died (Delia would have been her mother-in-law). Delia died in 1945 in St. Thomas, ON.

Any help or suggestions on where else I can look to find information on this family would be much appreciated.
Thanks so much.
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Hi so many McPartlin's emigrating after 1890 in fmp site.
Mohill Leitrim is in Google maps.
Perhaps the place you are looking for was a transcription error?
Maybe a tiny hamlet?
Sorry not to have been of much help.
Good luck
Thank so much everyone. I have been without power for over 25 hrs thanks to Earl so am just getting your messages now. Yes, 1908 is the year they immigrated to Canada. Alfred moved to Rhode Island from Canada to build schooners. He and Delia were married there. Their son Francis is listed as Vincent Jolliffe in the birth registration.

The spelling of Aghavaden comes directly from the photocopy of the actual birth registration so I know it wasn't a transcription error. Thanks for the various map sites and the breakdown of the barony, etc. That is helpful.

It is the trying to find when she immigrated to the US that has me stumped and finding her parents. I will see if I can find any more info that may be helpful and get back to you.
Thanks again,