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Meet my friends .........


The magpies :biggrin:

A few months ago i had some magpies hanging around and could feed some of them by hand but then 11 of them started turning up and fights started so i stopped feeding them :rolleyes:

But in the last week 2 of them have come back. I have been hand feeding them from time to time in the last week again.

They have the same name as they are identical so having the same name i cant go wrong with who is who :rolleyes:

So i'd like you to meet Roy and Roy :biggrin:
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They look like a pair gibbo, here's how you tell the difference.The female is on the left slightly greyer on her back where the white patch is.

My mum used to feed magpies and kookaburras at her hills home many years ago.We learnt to tell the males from the females then.They can become very friendly.Lucky you. :)Joan
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Oh so i have to find a girls name now :confused: Roy and ?
It was easier with Roy and Roy :2fun::2fun::2fun:

Thanks Joan for the info :)
Oh so i have to find a girls name now :confused: Roy and ?
It was easier with Roy and Roy :2fun::2fun::2fun:

Thanks Joan for the info :)

My friend had a sulphur crested cockatoo for 30 years and one day it laid an egg:eek: after much screeching.Poor thing.. It's name was Roy....we changed it to Roylean .:biggrin: Roy and Maggie??
Magpies when i was young were fairly rare...mostly in the countryside.....now they are very common in the towns and cities.....like the seagull almost to the stage of becoming pests i think.
Its a testament to how well they adapt really.....i saw a Jay this morning early while off to Bath...like a magpie but much more secretive and gorgeous colours on the feathers.

Feeding them out of silver foil would be interesting....silver sends the ol Maggy nuts.:D
Not nuts....but they are attracted to silver objects and it used to be believed that they stole silver objects.

I think studies have shown since they like silver as they can see there reflection in it...which it seems they like.
All the Maggies do at my place, is nick my chooks eggs.:eek:

I have to listen out for them laying, and try and beat the Maggies to the eggs.:2fun:
I win most times, but it's a good job they never hatch, coz the Maggies will nick the chicks.:(

They're still lovely looking birds, but not sure if Gibbo's lot will survive on her cooking.>:D>:D:2fun::2fun:
Joan they are a couple :biggrin: I checked the colour out on the white part and its like you said. I think the female one wears to boots in that household:biggrin:
I'm sitting here reading this thread, laughing, and all I can hear are the Magpies :2fun::2fun::2fun:

Reminds me of the magpie that my dad used to feed. He kept a small amount of mince for him to eat...by hand like in your photo, Gibbo

Lived on a cattle station out of Mt Isa, years ago. :eek: There was a pet crow that my eldest daughter played with. Was always stealing my pegs and hiding them :2fun::2fun:

Gail :)
Gibbo,they will probably nest nearby and come in for feed, for their babies.
I thought it looked like a pair. :biggrin:
We had a dalmation that pinched the chook eggs, my mum only had to put a little hole in one of the eggs, and put a little bit of pepper in it. It stopped the dog straight away, saved us from missing out on the eggs for our breakfast.