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Melton Mowbray Pork Pies


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
My ma-in-law and a friend, have arrived in Ireland for a 2 week stay with us here in Roscommon.

Both are a great laugh, and good company.
What makes them more special, is that they each brought me over a Melton Mowbray pork pie.

Melton Mowbray is my pork pie heaven. 6 years since my last taste, and now I'm going to pig out.:biggrin: :biggrin: .

So next time you're in Leicestershire, give Melton Mowbray a visit and tuck into the best 'porkies' in the world.:) :)

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hi p.risboy,
you've obviously not been keeping an eye on the supermarket in longford shopping centre , they have melton mowbray pork pie's on a regular basis .
They were the genuine article p.risboy , I used to get them every week , until february last , now I'm not allowed to have anything like that any more now I have to eat all the boring good foods sigh !!
Interesting. I didn't notice them when I was in Longford about 3 years ago.
Well, both my pork pies are nearly gone. Fat as piggy, I am.:)

Just got 1 quarter left for lunch tomorrow.:(

Worth the wait, and the extra millimeter on the waistline.:biggrin:

Just a little story, and it's no porky.:2fun: A friend of mine and I went to Bridgenorth to visit the Severn Valley Railway during the 1970s. After looking at the engines etc, we became quite hungry. Fortunately, and although it was late in the year, the railway's buffet carriage was open. After a brief decision, we both fancied a pork pie each and a drink to wash them down with. After a moment of happy munching, I noticed that my pie had some grey mould growing inside it, yuk! It was a very long time before I could face another pork pie without thinking of that particular incident.:eek:
Aaaaah pork pie stories.

On the way home from a pleasant and boozy night out, we stopped at a petrol station for fuel.
I wobbled inside for a look for something to munch. In the cold counter, there laid a small Melton Mowbray pork pie (one of those mass produced things).
Our designated driver bought it for me, when he was paying for the fuel.
I wandered outside, trying to fight my way into the wrapper (oh how I hate those).
Anyway....I sat on a pile of bagged logs, and proceeded to try and extract this pie from the wrapper.
IMPOSSIBLE.!!:mad: :mad:
So I stood up and hurled the said pork pie at the car, it bounced high off the windscreen, and landed somewhere behind the car. I then went in search of what may remain of this object of frustration.

I found it about 30ft away from the car.....wrapper opened and the right way up.
Didn't take much chewing, as it had been tenderised somwhat.:2fun:

SORTED.!!!:2fun: :2fun: