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Members Please Read

Hello to all Members,
It has been brought to our attention that some members are not responding to answers to their original posts.
Please remember that if you post a question on any forum, members who answer your posts, have taken the time and trouble to help you. So I think it is only etiquette and good manners to aknowledge the replies, it is a simple thing to do and it actually shows that the work of the members who take the time and trouble to answer posts is appreciated.
Thank you for reading this.
Best Regards Sterico ( S Moderator )
To All Members

I agree with the comment made by Sterico.

I always make it my policy to thank any members who help me in my quest.It is always rewarding to know that your efforts are appreciated,especially when it solves a problem that has 'bugged' you for sometime.

It only takes a moment to say 'thank you'.

I totally agree, it costs nothing to say a thank you and it does show you appreciate someone finding info & helping you :)
If I am guilty, although I don't think I am on this site, then I apologize.

I am not deliberately discourteous but my memory does give me problems.