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Memory Lane


Loyal Member
Charters Towers queensland
Going through my box of papers the other day and found the letter that Oz's wife had written to me after he passed away. [Not posting her name due to privacy]
Of down memory lane i went :LOL:

Some of you in here would remember Oz he wasn't easy to forget! ;) He come across a bit brash at times but he was a rough diamond. When you got to know him he was one of the most genuine, caring person you could find and a huge heart to.

Two of us knew of his illness and he asked for it not to be common knowledge which we respected and did what he asked. THO is was not easy at times, like the time he was high on pain killers and running amok on the forum, we didn't want him to get into trouble, we knew it was the pain killers [well that night was] so Steve and i just chased after him in here deleting his threads and posts hopefully before they were seen. He kept us busy that day and i was thinking of ringing his wife for her to pull the plug to his computer :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

When i had a cyclone coming toward us he rang every half hour or so.
Oz "Are yous ok?" "Are yous alright" ,
Me "Yes Oz it's scary but not that bad, we still have power etc" or "Oz im trying to cook tea"
Oz "ok i will ring back shortly to check things out"
Sun come up and Oz was still ringing.
Oz "did you get any sleep?"
Me "NO and not because of the cyclone, you kept bloody ringing me every half hour to every hour" :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

I was to go for a visit to him and his wife but he rang me to postpone as he had gone downhill, then a couple of days later his wife rang to tell me the news that he had passed.
Some people pass through your life that leave an impression and Oz did that to me.
Got to love that man. Missed him terribly for a while and now even 10 years later we have a laugh about my ole mate Oz. Just a tad over 10 years and still talked about!

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