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Memory or what


dovercourt but born Enfield
The other day I was scratching around my family tree wondering what brick wall I would tackle next!
I chnaced to look at my grandmother's information and noticed that I had almost nothing on my step-grandfather.
As he was not directly related to me I had not pursued his details, so I set too!
He was on the 1939 register as living in the next street to my gran, she married him in 1940.
I noticed he was living with an Alice Aylott which I thought strange as his name was Shelley.
After some searching it transpired that she was his mother who had remarried, all very complicated but it passed the time!
Well last night I suddenly remembered going with grandfather to visit this old lady when I was about 8 years old and always thought she was his Aunt.
This morning I had another flash - I have a picture of the old lady, yes just as I remembered her - and I thought the old memory was failing fast.
All goes to show you never know it all?:cool: