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Mentioned in Despatches


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Please could anyone let me know where I would find any further information on my Grandfather? He served in the RAOC and went all over Europe and Africa. He was mentioned in despatches in Italy but no-one in the family is quite sure what for - Grandad didn't say much about it (Unfortunately he has passed away) but word in the family was that he rescued someone from a fire in a fuel depot, but I don't know if this is true or not (I was also told that his officer at the time got a VC for his part in the rescue!) As I said, my Grandad didn't mention much about the war to me, probably because of the horrors, the only thing he spoke about was cooking his dinner on the tanks, as the temperature was that high! I am now facinated in the Second World War and would love to find out more. Apparently he was at Monte Cassino as well. A nice thing is that he allegedly designed a stretcher to carry injured men down the mountain and was given a letter from a high ranking officer on this (Long since disappeared, unfortunately!) According to his service book, his unit was (Unreadable) 557 BOD RAOC A/s group 22 in 1945. His Army number was 10541544

I know I can apply to the Glasgow address but was just wondering if there is any other route. Any help would be most appreciated. I have attached a couple of pages from his service book for info.




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