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Merchant Navy Bosun Edwin Stanley A GEORGE born (London1902-1980 Birkenhead)

Posting on behalf of an elderly friend Norma. She is looking to find her fathers grave and kin/step kin but would appreciate contact if you know her father.

Merchant Navy Bosun Edwin Stanley A GEORGE born (London1902-1980 Birkenhead) was married to Norma's mum, they lived Lichfield Staffordshire in 1941. We are based a few miles north of Lichfield in Burntwood.

Norma lost contact with her father when she was 11. She and her older sister have been searching records to find out more information about him with great success. Collating information from websites, national Archives about his career in the Navy/Merchant Navy/Elderdempsterline up to the 1950s when he returned to Merseyside and discharged from the Navy.

Norma recalls overhearing as child (in the 70s) that her father was to be married to his housekeeper and companion. Edwin & Pauline Married in 1972. Pauline's full maiden name was Pauline Maria O'HARA born 17.08.26. We believe she was previously married to gentleman by the name of Thomas A Garner? born in Cambridge? Both Edwin and Pauline have now passed away. Edwin died in 1980 and Pauline in 1988. Both were registered in Birkenhead.

We think his death records are held at Landican Cemetery but its a very loong way to Birkenhead I thought Id ask in the hope we could make contact in the first instance. It would be lovely to hear from you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings
Sharon << less
hope that this may help you?and I am sure that you may have the following
taken from England and Wales Marriages 1837-2008 transcripts
Pauline M O`Hara,
event date 4 qrt --year-1972
spouse--Edwin Stanley A George
district of Birkenhead,county of Cheshire
volume 10a -page 51
England and Wales Death transcripts 1837-2007
Edwin Stanley A George
birth month--1
death qrt--2nd
death year 1980
vol 37 p0561
Romany Rosex

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