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Message from the Front 1915


Loyal Member
"somewhere in France":-

"I am writing this letter in my little dug-out at 8'clock, Sunday evening, October 3rd, after a most exciting day. Shells have been bursting in close
proximity to us all day. But, thank God, none actually hit us, or I should never have seen Rover's ground again. My word, Mr Johnson, the German shells don't half whistle through the air, and the worst of it is you cannot say which way they are coming.They whizz past and knock huge holes in the ground before you know where you are. Our lads stand it champion. They laugh and joke about the shells. The lads are a credit to Hull."

The writer says he was sorry to read of the Rovers defeat at Halifax in the "Sports Mail" and continues:-

"What a welcome gift those papers were! Considering Rovers had rather a scratch team they didn't do half badly. I only wish I had been helping you, but, never mind, I am fairly sure I will play again when those Germans are wiped out, and everything is once more merry and bright. Tell the boys, including the direc-tors, that I am in the pink, give them my best wishes,
and accept same yourself - Your friend,


Jack was my grandfather and was sent home because they were short of electricians at home and he had the extra qualifications that made him valuable at home.

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