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Michael Donnelly


Well-known member
Hi Everyone, I havn't been on here for quite a while as I became sick of banging my head against a brick wall and getting nowhere:mad: Anyway I'm ready for another go, so here is the story so far: Michael Donnelly was born in Prescot in 1850, and he died in Leigh in 1894. My problem is still finding out anything at all about his Army Records. In 1871 Census, he was at Fulwood Barracks age 19 and serving with the 12th Reg. In 1885, his eldest son Walter, was Christened in YOUGHAL, Ireland and the address is given as Military Barracks:confused: . .The 2nd Battalion of the 12th Regiment of Foot arrived back from India in 1878, which would tie in with the fact that Michaels wife Elizabeth, was born in Calcutta. In 1884 the same Regiment is serving in Cork. Someone found out for me that Joseph Donnelly his 2nd Son, is listed in the Regimental Births Indices:confused: in 1887 in Bury St Edmonds and the Regiment is the 12th again. My Son even went to Kew for me, but he could find no Army Records either, not even in the Muster Books. Please, Please, Pretty Please:kissu: will some kind soul on here help me make sense of the information I have, and suggest anything at all that would help me find some trace of him in the Army Records. And here is another spooky coincidence:eek: by buying a copy of Michaels Brother-in-Laws marriage cert. I find that Elizabeths Father was also called Michael, and he also was a soldier:eek: , so seeing as how my Son is Michael, and he was once in the Army;;; Weird.

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