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Michael & Rose MORAN


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MORAN ? Michael 44 'Wansfell' 26 Jun 1866 260 18474 Z1957 M1696
MORAN ? Rose 40
MORAN Sarah 15

JOHNSON John 33 'Wansfell' 26 Jun 1866 261 18474 Z1957 M1696
JOHNSON Ellen 24

Looking for deaths of Michael & Rose and John & Ellen thanks.

Rose Moran
Event date: 20/06/1890
Event type: Death registration
Registration details: 1890/B/23139
Mother: Margaret Donely
Father/parent: John Needham

... JOSEPH SCOTT and DAVID STEPHENS are respectfully invited to attend, the Funeral of their deceased Mother-in-law ...

I don't have either of them in my tree.

Ok, it is the right death for Rose.

Death 26 Feb 1924/C0676 Johnson Sarah - Michael John Moran - Rose Neeham

MORAN ROSE Details Unrecorded Unrecorded 0 22-06-1890 Toowong Cemetery Burial Location 7-7-11
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A coupe of trees have the 1861.. They also point to this.

"Burial 12 DEC 1898 South Brisbane Cemetery, Brisbane, Queensland - location 2E-153A"

Thanks Geoff.

I'm stuck and can't sort out all the Michael Moran.

Death 26 Aug 1922/C02879 Johnson Alexander - John - Ann Margaret - * born Norway aged 85

Rather odd to be buried in a different cemetery.

Can't find anything in Trove in 1898.
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Thanks Geoff.

The family arrived in Qld. so no second film with parents names.

No mention of Michael in notices for Rose.
Alexander Johnson born abt 1837 so that Johnson family on the 'Wansfell' in 1866 may be unrelated.

Marriage 18 Nov 1868/B02532 Johnson Alexander - Moran Sarah
Thanks Geoff.

The 1875 Michael Moran died in the Brisbane Hospital on 15 May aged 70.

That does not fit for age.

The 1898 one does not have parents Terence & Mary. ??

Something is not right. Age 44 in 1866.

Michael Moran
Death date:15/05/1875
Mother's name:Mary Armstrong
Father/parent's name:Terence Moran
Registration details:1875/B/9401

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