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Michael the Mouse.


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In Ireland, but from Bucks.
Michael the Mouse., a true story.

Here is the story of Michael the mouse,
He’s now been seen all over the my house.
Only the toilet has been spared from his prescence,
It’s too high to reach, and it’s not very pleasant.

The kitchen is his favourite haunt,
Most times he’s out, on his food jaunt.
The bird seed is taking a serious hit,
Can’t tell the difference between seed and his sh*t.

Two nights ago I heard him chewing,
The curtains in the bedroom are about to be ruined.
The reason why, is on the window sill,
A bowl of tomatoes, are at his will.

Ripening tomatoes, seem to go down well,
If I catch the swine, I’ll give him hell.
As I dosed off to sleep, d’you know what he did,
He climbed over my quilt, and I flipped my lid.

I was at my computer, the following day,
And what I saw next was “unexpected”, to say.
He went under my keyboard, the cheeky swine,
I suppose he wanted to see what’s online.

I tried to catch him, but to no avail,
Too quick by half, and he tucked in his tail.
In the evening, while watching the Tv I saw,
That crafty mouse, slide under the door.

Around the room, keeping close to the wall,
He scurried around, he was having a ball.
Across the hearth, and over the tiles,
He climbed up the scuttle, and he seemed to smile.

That’s the last straw, with him taunting me so.
Michael the Mouse just has to go.
Up to the village, and to the store.
I purchased the stuff that will make him no more.

Out came the dishes, and in went the seeds,
They look red and pretty, and should do the deed.
Placed in his ‘runs’, to tempt him to eat,
the things that will take him, off his feet.

I turned away, and went to my study,
And to my surprise, was my little ‘buddy'.
He was sat on the mouse mat, where else would he sit.
‘Your numbers up’, you cheeky git.

He scarpered away, and vanished....no trace,
If he eats the stuff, that’s the last of his race.
At his demise, I will say a prayer.
To the cheeky fella, with grey coloured hair.

So until that happens, he’ll still be about,
I’d bet on that, without any doubt.
Pin back your ears, and keep out an eye,
For Michael the mouse, as he rises on high.

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