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Military Medals

Rainham, Kent
Don't know if anyone out there can help, but among my grandfather's possessions - which have been passed on to me - were a Military Medal (to go along with his three campaign medals) and a letter of commendation dated 3/1/18.
Unfortunately, the letter is made out in the name of Lance Cpl W French of the 1st Bn The Rifle Brigade.
His Army number was 3582, while my grandfather, Cpl Walter Morgan, from the Royal Warwickshire Regt, had the Army number 8352.
The same numbers but in a different order as you will see.
There are two reasons I am writing his.
I would like to get the letter of commendation to his grandchildren if possible. They might not know they had a hero in the family and probably don't know why he won the MM.
I would like to find out why my grandfather was awarded his MM. We have a story passed down through the family, but I would like to discover the real reason he won the medal.
If you don't want to reply on this site, please email me at ******************* (Sorry, email address removed, as per site policy).
Many thanks,
Lance Morgan
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Hi Lance,

These links arent much of a help but at least they give a first name for the French fella.
William French medal card index



Walter Morgan medal card index

You can also try the London Gazette on the below link and see if anything shows up.

He is listed as receiving the Military Medal in the London Gazette 16 Aug 1917 but there is no citation.
His service record is available on Ancestry, 36 images, some of which give no information but there is a good physical description, next of kin, previous employment etc etc. As to the Military medal it just says "for bravery in the field". He joined up 4 Sept 1914 and was given a medical discharge in May 1918, again no details of exact medical condition, just unfit for further service.
Perhaps the museum of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment could advise.
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Army Honours..
The Times (London, England), Monday, Aug 20, 1917
The Military Medal
The King has been pleased to award the Military Medal for bravery in the field to the following ladies, non commissioned officers and men : -

heaps of names listed etc etc etc... 8352 Cpl W Mogan R War R
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Hi Lance,
Just saw your message a long time after the event!!
I have visited Regimental museums several times in the past 2 years and spoken to their experts over the phone before visiting the museum to do some research om WW1 gallantry medals.

In all cases the staff have been very helpful and were able to locate the full medal citation so that it was ready for me to see on arrival. They also located other references to the award e.g. his name appeared in a War Diary when the soldier was part of a colour party when the King visited the regiment.

Maybe it was just good luck on my part but it is worth a shot.
Good hunting
Re: Military Medal Walter Morgan

Hi Lance,

I'm wondering if we are cousins?
Hi Lance,

Was your father Michael (Mick)?

My mother was Pamala (Pam).

Alas our families drifted apart a long time ago.

If so I have a certain amount of information about our grandfather which you would find of interest. My mother wrote a 'history. few years ago before she died.

But equally I would really like a photo of his Military Medal.

Having recently retired I've started to research both sides of the family.

Hi Tim.
I certainly am your cousin and yes, we did lose touch a zillion years ago. I have all four medals Walter received and to send a picture would Brno problem. However, if - as it seems - you live in Tunbridge Wells, I could just as easily bring them over, with his birth certificate and medical records, for you to peruse. My email address, should you wish to contact me direct, is Email removed for your safety and as per site policy.
Look forward to hearing from you
PS: I am also retired, so I'm pretty sure we could meet up. I'll even bring along a picture of your four cousins on this side ... Piers, Jane and Kim as they are now. More of a rogue's gallery, I fear.
I would suggest we have a bit to catch up on.

I'd also like to thank all the others who have taken time to respond to my original post. I went to the War Museum, but they were unable to add anything useful to my search. Now my cousin has replied, I might be able to find out more, especially with regard to his war record and the reason for his MM.
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Hi Lance

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Hi Lance,

Hope that enjoyed a very happy Christmas.

I've tried to send you a reply several times but I must be doing something wrong.

Anyway I can tell you, from my Mother's 'History of Dad' how our grandfather's MM was won. Basically it was for rescuing his brother Dyke and and an Officer all of whom were blown up, but survived. This was just before the war ended in 1914. If we can somehow find a way of exchanging email addresses then I can send you the 'History' which explains a lot of the background.

After years living abroad and then in Surrey and latterly Lincolnshire we have moved temporarily to Tunbridge Wells while looking for a 'final' house.
I'm still doing some work while cultivating some hobbies, also a passionate rugby fan (Northampton Saints in particular).

Best regards.

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You have to make another successful post before we can exchange email addresses and therefore additional information and perhaps a place to meet up. I only live in Rainham which is around an hour from Tunbridge Wells.

Hello again Mark and sorry for the long delay.

We've just completed on buying a house, actuallya bungalow in Forest Row, although much work to be done there.

Just to add something military about our grandfather, although once we can be in touch I will pdf you the history my mother wrote.

I happened to see a portrait last week in the National Portrait Gallery of wounded soldiers in convalescence meeting the Queen in about 1899. I think it was post the Boer War.

Anyway it suddenly reminded me that after return to England in 1914 and brief period in hospital in London grandfather was moved to Edgware. Our great-grandmother used to walk up and sing to the troops, occasionally taking her eldest daughter...our grandmother of course.

Anyway what I had forgotten was that throughout this period he remained in the army and became one of the 'boys in blue' ...which was the colour of the uniform that they wore. The painting, which others may well know, is I think called 'boys in blue'. He left the army I suspect in early 1919.

Yes be good to meet up 'ere long. Chris also lives 'locally' of course.

Best wishes. Tim