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Military uniforms ca 1910?

Newburgh, Ellon
Anyone care to comment on the identification of the unifoms? I think one stripe is lance corporal however nobody in my family who served in WW1 was of this rank.......

Thanks, Jim


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He's of a Scottish Cavalry Regt at least........Tartan on the hat, grey horse....could it be the Royal Scots Greys.

Scroll down to '1816–1856: Years of peace and the Crimean War', and there is a photo.



So they all used grey horses? Do you think other picture is same uniform? looks like tunic buttons are different (I'm not even sure if its the same person but it certainly could be). Also, any idea what the letters above the door are? .......

Cheers, Jim
I doubt very much if it's the same person, as the facial features are so different. But, they could possibly be in the same regiment, as uniforms varied , depending on what they were doing at the time.

Battle dress, evening dress and ceremonial dress, and sometimes a more casual type dress code.
I would think these were a good few years before WW1. Because, in general, Khaki was pretty much standard across the Armed services by then, for general combat.
I'd hazard a guess of between 1890 & 1910.


2nd Dragoons/Scots greys not tartan...its the van dyke pattern,,,although the stripe on the pants should be white,,,,so might be another regiment.
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