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Missing Archer birth Gloucestershire

I am having problems finding the birth/baptism of Daniel Archer in Gloucestershire.

According to his death certificate he was born c1775. He married in Painswick and had two children there. The family moved to Charlton Kings where a third child was born, then on to Cheltenham where child number 4 was born. He died in Cheltenham in 1847 aged 72 (info supplied by his son)

Can anyone find a birth/baptism for him because I'm blowed if I can see one.


This must mean something

Daniel Drake
Gender Male
Christening Date 28 Jun 1761
Christening Date (Original) 28 JUN 1761
Father's Name Daniel Drake
Mother's Name Ann

Thos Danl Drake Archer
Gender Male
Christening Date 26 Apr 1807
Christening Date (Original) 26 APR 1807
Father's Name Daniel Archer
Mother's Name Ann

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Thos. Archer
Spouse's Name Hesther Drake
Event Date 06 Sep 1774
Event Place Painswick,Gloucester,England

edit - William 1777,Sarah 1787,John 1779 ,Joseph 1790 all Brimpsfield
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Wife is Ann Townsend

Daniel Drake
Spouse's Name Ann Townsend
Event Date 09 Dec 1760
Event Place St. Mary-De-Lode'S, Gloucester, Gloucester, England

Thanks for looking Ellie. Unfortunately the Daniel Drake born Gloucester 1761 has nothing to do with my Daniel Archer. The Thomas Daniel Drake Archer is the son of the Daniel Archer I am looking for and I have Thomas Archer and Hester Drake pencilled in as possible parents of Daniel because of the Thomas Archer/Hester Drake link to the name of his son.. I also have the children born Brimpsfield but cannot find a birth there for Daniel.

This particular branch are causing me no end of headches. Looking at the Thomas Archer/Hester Drake link. They married in Painswick which is where Hester was born but lived in Brimpsfield. Is that where Thomas was from? Ican't find a birth for him. He died in Brimpsfield, as did Hester, and age at death gives a birth of circa 1745 but I can't find a birth. I do know he is not the Thomas Archer born 1746 in Stow on the Wold as he dies in Stow.

Then there is Daniel's wife Ann Wathern/Wathers/ Watham (depends on which site you look at for ther marriage, which took place in Painswick) Again, according to her death cert she was born circa 1778. I can find a John Wathen marrying a Sarah Cole in Painswick in 1767 and having children in 1769, 1772, 1774 and 1780. No Ann but there is a tempting gap between 1774 and 1780 when she could have been born!

Thanks again for looking,

Could this baptism be connected??

Name: Elizabeth Archer
Event Type: Baptism
Baptism Date: 20 Sep 1777
Baptism Place: Painswick, Gloucestershire, England
Father:John Archer
Mother: Sarah Archer

Thanks Amanda. I would think that there is a possibility that John and Thomas Archer may be brothers - they are certainly having children around the same time. I'll have a look for John's birth and see what I can find.