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Missing Deaths?


dovercourt but born Enfield
On my tree I have quite a lot of people that I have never found a death for?
I periodically have a go at searching for deaths but I have often wondered what others do about these people!
I realize that there are many reasons as to why they are not found (remarriage, name misspelt, reversion to single name or emigration etc)
Any other reasons!
I've not found some death reg because there has been an inquest into the death. Batch of records lost ie. never reached the Registrar General and no longer held by the parish. One such batch fell into the Yarra River in Melbourne, Vic.
You're not alone there Peter. Only recently, another really, really helpful member found my Gt Grandmothers death in 1935,Lincolnshire, after having spent most of her life in Buckinghamshire since 1854.

Plenty more deaths required in my tree.