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Missing Great Grandparents


:biggrin: Hi all
I am searching to find dates and places of death for my Great grandparents.
John and Ellen Smith [nee Edden] I know in 1901 they were in Attleborough
John was a farm Labourer. No luck in anything after except on one of their sons army medical record for 1914 when John was listed as his next of Kin.
His name was William Edden Smith and was a bunkerman at Polesworth colliery. As he only served a few years no pension was given. No trace of John or Ellen either so cannot find dates for death. John was born 1855 Woodford Halse and Elllen 1851 Eydon. They had 7 children.
Can anyone please advise or help. With a name like Smith some hope !
Thank you Mags
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I also notice that you said that John was NOK for one of his sons in 1914.

there is no hard or fast rules in this really, what you will need to do is check the BMD indexes, (what we call 'trawling') for each of the children and see if/when they marry have their own children. In 1912 mothers maiden names were added to thte birth indexes, so makes life a little easier.

If you have access to ancestry then you will need to start in the 'complete' index, if not then it will be a little trickier.

if you click on the links I have posted it will enable you to get 'some' info, but the legwork is down to you :)
Hi Dark Crystal

Thanks for your messages.Neither of those trees are mine and i do not have access to Ansestry. I have two cousins also researching for same relatives
but i do not think its them either as none of the Surnames appear familiar .
Edden Smith was my Grandad he married Ethel North can you tell me any
more about the name of the person who's tree it is .

Their other children were :
John George 1879 Eydon
Mary Millicent 1876 Eydon
James Thomas 1882 Eydon
George Edden 1884 Eydon
William Edden 1886 Daventry
Edith 1888 Daventry .
George Edden was also my Grandad as my parents were 1st Cousins.

Regards Mags
Hi Dark Crystal
Sorry completley misread your message thought names under message were
who the person was researching .Can you tell im new at this .[Should have put my glasses on LOL.]

I would still be interested with any help you can give .

hi Mags,

ok having had a quick look, it seems that the ancestry trees are definately your relatives names.

one owner named Debbie and the other is by a lady called Elaine

perhaps these are your cousins that are doing the research?
Hi Mags,

I have been having a think, you could try using the Electoral Rolls to see how long your gt grandparents lived at that address? I presume you have an address for 1914? as NOK? if that was John/Ellens house then he would have voted?

I guess the best bet would be the Records Office, but am not sure which one would cover Nuneaton/Bedworth area, Might there be one in Cov? I can see that you are in leics, so you probably would have a trek on your hands. Nuneaton Library might have some Electoral Rolls on microfische but I havent been there to have a look. (Although I would like to go at some point)

I'll have a scout about and see what I can find.

Once again thanks for taking an interest and trying to help .When john was down as next of kin the address was 33 The Lynches Polesworth i think they were tied cottages to the pit.Went there but no luck !.I don't know if John was the tenant or if He had gone with Ellen to stay with William .Maybe Ellen had already died and as William was still single John moved to be with him possibly working there to .I have so many ifs and buts going round in my head .I did go to Nuneaton to the meetings they have for family history but not a lot of luck . I have most of family traced except John and Ellen and 3 of the Sons James ,John and William .I thought it was going to be easy after
William left the army but i was wrong .He was not married at 29 when he left
the army so maybe John stayed there also .George Edden Smith was also living in Pitt cottages in Polesworth thats where my dad was born .They later moved to claybrooke .All i want is to find John and Ellen although finding what happened to sons would be a bonus .Who would be a SMITH .
Once agai thans your a star as well as a Dark Crystal !!
did you say you were a member of NNWFHS?

if you are not able to get to Nuneaton then I would suggest asking for an electoral roll search (if a member is able to do this for you) from that address in 1914 onwards, this would posssibly then give you a point to start looking for Johns death, Presuming that he died at that address and not move on. You could also try emailing St. Ethelreda ? the church in Polesworth and see if they have any graves belonging to John/Ellen (thats if it is still very much an 'open' graveyard)

just sorry I can't be more helpful