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Missing in USA



One of my ancestors emigrated to USA in 1872, he and his wife landed at Castle Gardens he then vanishes into thin air. Does any one know how you can find out if at this time he would have had be sponsered or if he had to give an address he was going to stay.

I know the later Ellis Island records even give the height colour or eyes and hair but the early registration seems very short on information.

I will get all the info to you, but I can tell you his full name was Peter Andrew Glavin born 1832 in Birmingham his trade was a Glass Manufacturer, his wife was named Sarah born around the same time maybe a couple of years,they had no children when they left Birmingham in 1872 a girl had died a year or so before as a baby.

hope this helps
Yes Sarah was born in Birmingham as far as I know and I could only find them on the passenger list then they dissapear, maybe they fell into the bay on their way from the ship it is very strange.
I thought maybe they had joined a wagon train and died on route but then I am known for my imagination.
I thought I posted this but it must have gotten lost, I found a Peter and Sarah Galvin arrival in new york USA on the ship Calabria 31 Aug 1872.
I couldn't find them in any of the census but I will keep looking, on a public tree I did find Peter Andrew Galvin born 11 oct 1835 birmingham, warwickshire, England, Parents Peter galvin abt 1791 Ireland, died 1862 birmingham, warwickshire, England mother Mary l Butler abt 1801. Sibling Lucy abt 1831 and Mary Anne abt 1821. Child Mary Elizabeth 1869-1869.
I will keep looking for anything else on Peter,
Thank you for this, that is my Peter Andrew, I do not know what happened to him once he arrived anything you find will be fantastic, I hope I find new relatives I also have relatives named Harper who went over to USA I will let you know their details, I am at work at the moment so do not have it all to hand.

Thank again for your interest.

Jacqueline :kissu:
It is very frustrating, did your relatives land at Castle Gardens, the records for this port of entry is not as good as Ellis Island.
At Ellis Island the records even discribe what they looked like,the height, it also tells you who they were going to be with.

I hope you have better luck than I did, it is quite sad to think they could have disappeared, may be they moved to another state I don not think I will ever solve the mystery.

Good Luck in your search.

on prevous searches in the states have found gevauxs in ohio,new jersey,california,& florida but with only one strong link to the uk but has left a dead end in london with a birth not yet found. all these were found on the usa search sites,which unfortunately costs money i cannot yet afford.i hope one day i can crack the codes & get the links i am after