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Missing one of the censuses.


Staff member

How many of you have found an ancestor on one census, one 20 years later but not the one inbetween? I have mentioned before my William Taylor who was in Canewdon, Essex in 1871 aged 50, and in the local workhouse in Rochford in 1891 as an inmate. And I found him on the 1885 electoral register in Canewdon as William Taylor Snr and his son William listed as William Taylor Jnr. William was born in Wimbish and baptised in 1824.

Yet I cannot find William anywhere in the 1881 census and have tried all surname and firstname variants and birthplace variants. All to no avail. Yet he was in Canewdon in 1871 and 1885. I am now maybe having to resign myself to the fact that he may have missed the 1881 census for some reason. I think if we cannot find an ancestor on a census then it could be they were not enumerated.

I searched manually through Canewdon to no avail. One option is for some reason he was abroad in 1881 then back to Canewdon in Essex by 1885. He died in 1898 in Rochford Workhouse and buried in Canewdon.

I had one the other week Ben. Most of the village had not been included on the 'A' site, but was on FMP.:rolleyes:

1841 census for Ludgershall, Bucks. But another kind member helped me out with it.;)

Rochford workhouse has been searched manually in 1881 and no sign of William Taylor there. If he was in Canewdon on census night where he usually resided then he may have had too many down the pub and fell asleep in a ditch and went home the following morning after census night. :eek:
Hi Ben
I can't find William or Mary Ann in 1881 either. The rest of the family are boarders/lodgers elsewhere in Essex, so it looks as if the family split.
Did Mary die? Did William go into hospital or somewhere similar?
Hi Dave

Sorry I should have said when she died. Mary Ann died in August 1871. I am not sure if William remarried.

It's a toughie.
Is this your Wm in 1851 Duxford Cambs?
William Taylor agr labr 27 married bn Wambursh? Essex
Mary 34, Josiah 5 both born Radminster trans as Radwinter, error sent to Anc@
Clara 3 born Duxford Cambs.

ozn :)
Hi oznannie.

I think there was 2 William Taylor's born in Wimbish. One born 1824 and one born 1825. My one was in Canewdon in 1851 and wed there on 24th June 1851 in Canewdon, fathers name Allen Taylor, labourer. The one who was in Duxford emigrated to Australia in 1853 I think.

It does seem odd that my William is nowhere to be seen in 1881 yet was in Canewdon in August 1871 and the same place in November 1885.