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Missing person on 1891 UK Census


nr Salisbury
I have returned to the Forum after an absence of several years in the hope that someone can help me find a distant relative in my wife's Family History..
The person I am looking for is named, HELENA GUYATT. She was born on 30th March 1881. The birth certificate states that she was registered in the Sub District of Amport, Andover Hampshire. She was married to my wife's Grandfather, George William DRAKEFIELD In the Isle of Wight Registry Office on the 17th October 1903.
I cannot find Helena on the 1891 UK Census.
Can anyone suggest where she could have been in 1891? She was obviously alive but I cannot find her anywhere.

Hope someone can suggest a place to search for her?

Many thanks.
fmp have mistranscribed Guyatt as Gingall. Not sure why as it looks like Guyatt to me on the original.

Fyfiels, Andover
John Guyatt 75 Woodman Fyfield
Elizabeth Guyatt wife Littleton Wilts.
Helena Guyatt g/dau 10 Fyfield
Many thanks for the information. I wonder how you managed to find her? I have been using Ancestry but cannot find the Census record Guyatt or Gingall !!
Many thanks for your help, which is much appreciated. Now this opens another mystery for me. Why is Helena listed as a grand daughter when her mother on her birth certificate gives Elizabeth. Can't think that the head of household at 73 and spouse at 60 would be her parents. Curious..
John is her grandfather.

Elizabeth Guyatt Jun 1853 Andover 2c 165 mmn Fowler.

Susanna Fowler born Chute, Wilts c1822 married Richard Hopgood in 1839. Richard died 1847 and in 1848 Susanna married George Cook. George died 1849 and Susanna then married John Guyatt in 1850

John had previously been married to Jane Edmonds (married 1843) Jane died 1847