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Modesty Pockets.


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swindon wilts
In the wake of my recent operation Donnami bought me some pyjamas...i dont usually wear them;) but seeing i was dossing about a lot i gave them ago....imagine my suprise when on the wrapping it says....COMPLETE WITH MODESTY POCKET:biggrin::biggrin:.in the trousers.

Now i always thought Modesty Pockets was a pop singer from the sixties...my mate reckons he used to have one in his wellington boots:D.....i told him i think he may have been stretching the story to far:)

In case you are wondering i used it to store toffees,which was fine untill one day i sat next to the radiator...stood up and was confronted with a big brown sticky patch on my new jim/jams.

Donnami binned them:biggrin:
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