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Molineux Family


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In this census I have what I believe is the molyneux family I've been looking for many years. Ann Bradley married John Molineux in 1822 and I believe John died in 1834 but as this is the 1841 census that may not be right, but he isn't home.

I have located Thomas, Benjamin and Mary (although I don't have a baptism for her) but I am at a loss with James, I've looked at both marriages and deaths and can't find anything suitable for him even in the census, so looking for any information about James,

Name James Molineux
Age 6
Estimated Birth Year abt 1835
Gender Male
Where born Lancashire,
England Civil parish Ormskirk
Hundred West Derby
County/Island Lancashire
Country England

Ann Molineux Age40
Thomas Molineux Age14
Benjamin Molineux Age10
Mary Molineux Age8
James Molineux Age6
William Bradley Age15

I think Ann and John also had a son Robert who isn't in this census but there was a baptism, I think he may have married a Mary Whitworth in Liverpool, but I can't confirm it's him. Many Thanks

Thanks I did see those, but as I found a baptism for Robert with John as his father I thought he may belong to John and Ann and I was wondering about the roman Catholic burial as there is no evidence they were ever Catholic :unsure:

Mary doesn't have a baptism either, but John is named on her marriage certificate and if James jr doesn't belong to them I don't know who James and Mary are?? I haven't found a relationship between John and James snr :sneaky:
Also a William Molyneux was a witness to Mary's marriage but he wasn't her father nor does it seem her brother so again I'm lacking in relationships :sneaky:

I know there was a large family of Molyneux's in Kirkby, but most people have the two John's b c1799 to that family either married to Mary Barlow or died young, of course they could be wrong, but there is no evidence my John came from that family anyway.

I was trying to go sideways for some clues, but that doesn't seem to be working either :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Well after all this time I think I have the family I've been looking for. I had one DNA match for my mother and although she had a tree it wasn't very reliable.
But recently my mother matched someone who was descended from a Molineux family of Eccles, but again I couldn't see a connection.
But the connection was with a John Caldwell from Kirkby whose daughter Margaret married a Molineux. By looking at her tree, Ancestry told me we had a common ancestor, but I wasn't sure who it was with.
John Caldwell had an illegitimate child with her ancestor Hannah Marsh (a record on Ancestry) who went on to marry a Molineux, perhaps by coincidence??

Has to be the right family because we both match people with John as their ancestor, so finally my brick wall has been knocked down and I don't think I could have done it without a DNA match.
It seems the family above are not Mary's either. Although both myself and my mother have DNA matches to the above Molyneux family, it isn't all it seems. The people we match are on my grandfather's side who doesn't have any ancestors from Lancashire, they were my grandmother's ancestors.
It would seem they have ancestors from Wiltshire and match with my Rudman, Rawlings, Odell and Prior ancestors, Odell and Prior from Norfolk.

I've tried most of the families in the Ormskirk/Liverpool area and can't seem to get any DNA matches with any of them. Although we did have a very good match with Edmund Molyneux 1712 and Ann Lancaster 1723. I found a grandson and g grandson of their's both John's born within two years of each other but no matches to either of them. So to recap we are descended from Edmund and Ann, but I can't fill in the gap with a paper trail to my Mary c1830 :confused: