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More modern building history.


Staff member
In my home city of Norwich the former city centre hospital closed in 2002 when a new hospital opened outside the city, I still preferred the city centre one but I may be biased a bit because my fave building in the old site was the 11 storey block of wards which was constructed inbetween 1971 and 1974, completed in 1974 and started use in 1975.

It was demolished in late 2003. I did witness the demolition of the Main Ward Block. I still miss the building but the fact it only stood 30 years is what is interesting, although I have zero interest in the former hospital site since demolition as "rabbit hutch" flats have been built there now.

On a 3D design program I am doing a 3D model of the former hospital block and the rest of the hospital in January 1994, 8 years before closure and 10 years before demolition. I am doing research into the former towerblock so I can get the model to look like the real building as closely as possible, it will mean seeing if the record offices or original architects have any floor plans.