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Morse family mystery HELP!

A bit of a long shot!
There is a marriage for a Lewis Morse to a Sarah Jane Williams Dec Q 1883 Swansea.
They had a child Susanna Morse Dec Q 1885 so I am presuming that all these records are collated somewhere into the BMD lists and during the transcriptions from list to list Wheeler was changed to Williams, although not sure about William Robert Morse Mar 1877.
On FreeBMD the images are recent printed lists and not originals.
I know William married Ann, but why Anna Wheeler born 1849 daughter of William and Maria?, isn’t she supossed to be Ann Marie Wheeler? Anna and Ann Marie are two different daughters?, especially if they married different people and lived in different places.
I’ve been working on the Benjamin and Serena Wheeler nee Humphries. Cannot find anything on the census other than some more children born to this couple. A Selina Williams nee Humphries/Humphrey from Westbury Wiltshire is living in Swansea with husband Robert Williams (can’t find a marriage for this couple), and daughter Anne born Westbury. The fly in the ointmentt is that the year of birth for Anne is out a little bit. Can someone please check the 1871 census for the address, they are still in Swansea. Was thinking about the place of abode given for Ann Marie on the marriage certificate.
1891 Census - Argyle Street
Reg No RG12
Pie e/Folio 4478/7
Page 9

Robert Williams age 65 - born Somersetshire
Selina wife age 68 - born Wiltshire
Robert Charles son age 22 - born Glamorganshire
Fanny Morse servant age 16 - born Glamorganshire

Fanny Matilda Morse - 1874 - Mmn Wheeler
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1881 census
Anne Morse 30 married wife of mariner
Fanny m Morse 6 - 1875
William Morse 4 - 1877
John Morse 6 months

Looking the births on GRO
Fanny Matilda Morse mmn -Wheeler
William Morse mmn - Williams
John Henry Morse mmn - wheeler

Something very strange going on!

If it had been Wheeler, Wheeler, Williams, Williams or Williams, Williams, Wheeler, Wheeler then there would be an explanation but alternating is not as easy to explain.
Ann Maria Wheeler-Age Full-Birth year -Event year 1871-Banns year -Marriage year 1871-Marriage date 17 Dec 1871-Marriage place Swansea, St James-WilliamWheeler SPOUSE WilliamMorse Spouse's age Full Spouse's birth year -Spouse's father's last name Morse
Spouse's father's first name(s) JamesCounty GlamorganshireCountry WalesEvent MarriagePage 47Record set Glamorganshire Marriages And BannsCategory Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish RecordsSubcategory Parish MarriagesCollections from Wales, Great Britain

YES that is the Mariner again
If it had been Wheeler, Wheeler, Williams, Williams or Williams, Williams, Wheeler, Wheeler then there would be an explanation but alternating is not as easy to explain.

I’ve seen that before with stepfathers surname being used as mothers maiden name. Perhaps whoever registered the birth new her maiden name as Williams as per the 1861/71 census. The registrar is non the wiser.
Record Transcription:

1911 Census For England & Wales
23 Rodney ST, Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales

First name(s) Last name Relationship Marital status *** Age Birth year Occupation Birth place
William Morse Head Married Male 73 1838 Attendant At Baths Bristol Somerset
Anne Morse Wife Married Female 61 1850-DivisesWilliham
Maria Lewis Lodger Married Female 48 1863 Char Woman Bristol Somerset
He dies 1915
1901 England, Wales & Scotland Census
66, Rodney Street, Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales

William Morse Head Married Male 63 1838 Public Baths Attendant Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Annie Morse Wife Married Female 51 1850-Devizes, Wiltshire, England
Fannie Morse Daughter Single Female 26 1875-Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
William Morse Son Single Male 24 1877 Mason's Laborer Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
Sidney Morse Son Single Male 15 1886-Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
I think the name William as father was entered in correctly on the marriage certificate. One of my great grans fathers 1st name and occupation was entered incorrectly on her marriage certificate.
1871 England, Wales & Scotland Census
Edward Street, Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales

Robert Williams Head-Male39 1832-Somerset, England (Coal Merchant )
Selina Williams Wife-Female 39 1832-Wiltshire, England
Ann Williams Daughter-Female21 1850-Wiltshire, England
Thomas Williams Son-Male16 1855-Wiltshire, England
John WilliamsSon-Male13 1858-Glamorgan, Wales
Elizabeth Williams Daughter-Female11 1860-Glamorgan, Wales
Selina Williams Daughter-Female8 1863-Glamorgan, Wales
Fanny Williams Daughter-Female6 1865-Glamorgan, Wales
Robert Williams Son-Male21 869-Glamorgan, Wales
Having a look at William James Morse baptism and although it says 17 May 1839 its just wrong as the records follow on from may 1840 - just goes to show the mistakes that can be had with just text information:oops: