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Moses MURPHY & Julia KENNY


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Birth 1889/B44149 Murphy Julia Ann - Moses - Julia Kenny

Death 29 Mar 1925/B45364 Murphy Julia - Lawrence Kenny - Ann Negent

1937 QLD Electoral Roll - Griffith - South Brisbane
MURPHY Moses, J. Taylor's, 12 Louisa st.

Death 30 Aug 1937/B36815 Murphy Moses - John - Mary Roche

Balmoral Cemetery
Portion 5 Grave 64
Murphy Julia 30 / 03 / 1925 56 years
Murphy Moses 31 / 08 / 1937 86 years

That looks to be the right death for Julia to fit the 1889 birth.

Is the Moses in 1937 and the 1937 death the same Moses and the Moses who is the father of Julia Ann? Big difference in the ages.

There is also a Julia senior and junior in the rolls. It looks like 2x Moses and 2x Julia.


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I'm lost.

1919, 1922, 1925 Moses a labourer is with a Julia senior (no other Julia) at Qualtrough st with lots of other Murphys.

Yet in 1913 the Julia with Moses is not Julia sen. ???

1913 QLD Electoral Roll - Oxley - Woolloongabba
MURPHY Julia, Geelong st., dressmaker
MURPHY Moses, Geelong st., labourer
MURPHY Mary Elizabeth, Geelong st., tailoress

MURPHY Julia sen., Qualtrough st., home duties
MURPHY Ela, Qualtrough st., home duties
Yeah, something cyclical about this one :biggrin:

The 1913 PO Directory has Mrs Moses Murphy at Qualtrough Street.. What looks to be a few doors down is a Con Murphy, no House no's given :rolleyes:

Moses Murphy is listed under what appears to be Lytton Road, off Geelong Street..

E/R 1912
Moses Murphy
Subd: Woolloongabba
Dist: Oxley
Residence: Qualtrough st
[Paper Bag maker. With Jane, housewife. Julia, home duties. Julia jun., home duties. Mary Elizabeth, home duties. Cornelius, railway worker]

Thanks Geoff.

There should only be 2x Julia from 1910 - 1916 - turned 21 and then married.

Can't see a birth for a Mary Elizabeth with father = Moses.

Marriage 1914 C3571 Mary Elizabeth Murphy - George Downie ??

Who is "J. Taylor" ? Moses son-in law - yes

Marriage 1931 B10183 James Taylor - Doris Bega Murphy

Birth 1906 B13411 Doris Bega Murphy - Moses - Julia Kenny

This is the first birth in Qld. index

1888 B40733 John Murphy Moses Julia Kenny

Julia would have been abt 19.

Marriage not in Qld. or NSW index.
Possible marriage HERE



Marriages Q2 1887
Kenny Julia

O'TOOLE Jeremiah
Spencil Mary Helena
Liverpool 8b, 346

Don't need thanks Geoff.

Way off a main line with the Murphys.

Hamilton - Mellefont - Mitchell - Murphy

Have not found their arrival yet. That's all I need to finish.

Michael Francis Murphy
Birth Date: 21 May 1900
Reg Year: 1900
Place: Queensland
Parents = Moses Murphy & Julia Kenny
Page No: 18765
Reg No: B001119

Possibly known as Moses..

Moses Francis Murphy
Spouse: Nancy Olive Gould
Date: 11 Sep 1928
Reg Place: Queensland
Year: 1928
Reg No: B004313
Page: 2888


Michael Francis Murphy
Spouse: Nancy Olive Gould
Date: 11 Sep 1928
B004313, 2888
Hi All, I am the great grandson of Moses Murphy and Julia Kenny, who were married in 1887, in Liverpool, England. Their first born was John, in 1888, in QLD, but deadly he died that year, or maybe 1889. I see people on this thread are aware of some of the siblings... Eileen Ann, my grandmother was born in 1802 and married Reginald Woodbury and they had just one child, Edwin (1830-2016), my dad. The Murphy name is Irish of course and many thousands left Ireland in the 1840s due to the Potato Famine, and general bad prospects, with huge numbers moving to Liverpool for a better life which did not transpire for many, so some went to Aus, NZ, US etc...
I would love to know exactly which ship they came on, but more so, there origins in Ireland, arrival in Liverpool.

I think I have all of the children of Moses and Julia listed and would love to learn more, meet new relatives etc.

Moses and Julia were the last arrivals in Aus, in my family tree and I am a First Fleeter, but actually born in England and married to a Liverpudlian.... well just outside, so not quite true Scouse!!


John W
Hello John and welcome to the Forum.

I have several Murphy families in my large tree. This one connects to Mitchell and Mellefont so not a direct line.

Members here will try to answer your queries.

Marriages Jun Qtr 1887 Liverpool 8b 346
MURPHY Moses & KENNY Julia

I have not been able to find the actual date on-line.

Very small window but arrival not found ?

Birth 27 Mar 1888/B40733 Murphy John - Moses - Julia Kenny

Re arrival in England, there were never any shipping records at that time between Ireland and England.