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Moses MURPHY & Julia KENNY

Hello John and welcome to the Forum.

I have several Murphy families in my large tree. This one connects to Mitchell and Mellefont so not a direct line.

Members here will try to answer your queries.

Hi Dave
Thanks... My dad, Eddie Woodbury, was from Brisbane, but in WW2, he went up to the Mitchell’s sheep station at Aramac... His mum was Eileen and her sister Julia married Joe Mitchell.... He always told me they were the best days of his life! I think the place was at Albion Vale, about 70km north of Aramac, from records I found... Sadly, I lost dad in 2016...He could never cope with computers and was very old school, but I remember showing him Google Maps one day and zooming in around the Aramac area... His eyes lit up as I showed him the satellite view! He mentioned Joe, Bill and Laurie (and Sam?) more than a few times over the years and I could see in his eyes that he loved his times up there! I would love to go there one day. Are any family members in the area, still?
Dad married my mum, Joan Brown, in 1957 and went to London, originally for a year, as a kind of glorified honeymoon, I guess, but ended up staying for 30 years, before dad returned home to his beloved Brisbane after 5 kids, a successful dentistry career and divorce... I was born in Wembley, as in the famous stadium, where mum and dad settled and I live in Amersham now, about 20km away. Dad always yearned for Australia and I was schooled in all things Aussie and I was always told “this time next year, mate, we’ll be back home!” That never happened, but I was so pleased for him in 1986, when with kids all grown up and divorce behind him, he moved back to Brisbane. I missed him, but knew he was where he wanted to be. When he died, my brother, Karl and I read a eulogy and the thing that shone above all others in the good life that he had, were his times in WW2 at the Mitchell’s sheep station near Aramac!!! Sounds like a brilliant place and like I say, one day, I’d love to go there...

How are you related to Mitchell’s/Mellefonts? Where are you?

Cheers and thanks!



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Thanks for the details John.

I'm in Sydney. My branch is from this marriage

Date of Event 02 September 1858
Group Registration ID 3279480
SR District/Reg Area Cork

Reg #56 - 2 Sep 1858
Scots Church - Presbyterian - Cobh
William: Age 31 - Policeman - Leemount, Cork - Father: James - Farmer
Anne: Age 27 - Granabraher, Cork - Father: John - Victualler
by Licence by me William Magill
In the Presence of us: John M'Cluskey, William Mellefont (Anne's brother)

Thanks, all!
I had a good dig yesterday and found John Murphy was the father of Moses, born around 1811-1813, in Wexford, Ireland. He married Mary Roche and they had Ann(1840), James and Pat (1843... must be twins) all in Wexford, then 1849 saw Thomas born in Liverpool followed by Moses. Owen was born 1856 back in Wexford. It seems in 1873 Moses was in the Navy. John, the father, Moses and Thomas were labourers by trade. I found quite a few Census records and others that I can share if anyone is interested.

Thanks again, all!


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