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swindon wilts
For some reason i knew today was the day..the sun was rising brightly above the village of Stratton St Margaret...it had been along time since i last saw mother,too long, the last time i had seen her hsdnt been a pleaseant experience...words were said and tears flowed freely..i drove round to mothers house,i hadnt been there for along time..what could i expect..my heart was thumping and i rejected the urge to turn the car back.I pulled up alongside the little terraced house,Bath stone houses in rows especially built for the brewery,Arkells were brewers of long tradition and father had worked there entitling us to a house...i didnt remember much about dad,cept his name was Bob and he always winked at me..he had left mum when i was young..she always loved him even years later,i didnt,i felt he let us down,me and mum was close but i missed dad and i knew she missed him too.
The Wallflowers in the front garden was overgrown now..i was shocked at the state of the garden..mum loved those wallflowers,it attracted butterflies in those hot summers of old.
The old wooden gate was hanging on its old hinges ad as i pushed it open my heart jumped again..she was there in the garden picking the tops of old flowers..mum i called,she looked round and smiled,i was shocked at her appearance,though her skin was as nice as ever she was wearing rollers in her hair and she had her old pink nightgown on...all those years later and she was still wearing it..she clasped her old hands to my face and wiped my tears away,ime sorry i said...ime so sorry mum.
I knew i would see you again Lee she said..those eyes were glistening but she still had that rattling cough..all those years later and mum was in front of me...what are you doing mum i asked,noticing the drops of blood on her hands...oh dont worry a thorn caught me,those roses always get me she giggled,its then i noticed a man in the back garden..mum noticed me getting alarmed..dont worry she said ..thats an old friend of mine..the man nodded at me and i caught his rugged features through a snow white beard and sideburns..brown hands weathered by the sun placed into my mothers hands..i was shocked but i hadnt seen mum for years so didnt want to get angry at her..can we go in mum i said..well Lee she replied i would rather not....i was taken aback..me and my friend have to be on our way soon son..ime so sorry and she kissed me on both cheeks,i dont want you too worry about me,you promise..and then she said again you promise me Lee..yes mum i replied..could you pop inside and grab my coat for me Lee...as i went inside i couldnt believe it..old newspapers were strewn everyware and fires had been lit in the rooms..cobwebs filled all corners...i didnt want to see any more so made my way outside..ware was mum i wondered and her friend..they had gone so i walked down the road and there she was...on the bus with her friend,i ran to try and keep up but i couldnt and i just caught a glimpse of them..she blew me kisses while smiling,and her friend looked straight in my eyes..and winked at me..then they were gone.
Stunned i got home shaken..you see i had only gone round to see my old house..its been empty for years and i always avoided going past it..the reason being is that mother passed away years ago..the last time i had seen her the words were angry..angry that she had died..and the tears were real,i missed her terribly..but she seemed so happy with the old man who had winked at me............The End.


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Hi Lee

Thanks for the wonderful story. Brings tears to the eyes. Do you write for a living ? Part time , I mean , in between the drives around the country